Wolverines with NBA Potential

With the recent success that Michigan has had with NBA players, I thought it would be a good idea to make this thread about current players with NBA potential. Here’s breakdown of the best potential pros.

MAAR: I think he has the most potential of any current Wolverine on the roster. He has good size at 6’4" for a PG and even a SG if he plays that. His best attribute is getting to the rim and converting layups (has proven that against good competition too, like Purdue). He plays solid defense when he checks in and his speed and athleticism is underrated. He could be a first round pick if he develops like most Beilein guards have. He needs to work on his jumper a bit and pick n roll game to become truly elite.

Derrick Walton Jr.: If he can shore up his inconsistent shooting, he could be a borderline first round pick. Excellent rebounder for a PG, distributes well (BIG Ten tourney record 12 assists vs Indiana), and has been labeled as one of the quicker guards in the BIG Ten, which bodes well for his defensive potential.

Zak Irvin: Irvin I think projects as a role player, much like his freshman year, where all he did was shoot threes. He has clearly developed his game, becoming more of a rebounder, passer, and defender. His jumper is a bit broken from his back surgery, but that can be shortened up. If he can get his jumper and defensive game together, he could sneak into late first round early second. If not, he likely goes undrafted.

Aubrey Dawkins and Duncan Robinson: These two fall under the same category. Excellent 3 pt shooting, but not much else. Duncan has more pro potential, because he has shown the ability to finish at the rim. If Beilein can get Duncan the ball more in his hands and create off the pick n roll, he could become like a Stauskas junior. Dawkins has a lethal jumper too, but his defense is horrific. He also needs to drive more and get to the line, as he has a high FT percentage.

Any more thoughts?

All will be solid college players in time but I don’t see an NBA player on this list.


agreed. I don’t think any of them will come close (Irvin/Walton could get tryouts).

Don’t think a single player in the OP has a shot in the NBA. All have serious deficiencies at the NBA level. The only way Irvin, Dawkins, and Robinson would even sniff the second round would be as 3 and D players…let’s just say they may be able to do 1, but certainly incompetent at the other.

Walton is a 5’11 PG that can’t finish nor consistently create for himself/others in isolation situations…not happening.

MAAR - the only player on that list that even has the possibility at carving out a role in the league, and its a remote chance at that. Has decent size at 6’3, but don’t know that he has enough athleticism to compensate for the lack of shooting at the NBA level. If he was 6’7, he’d be a first rd pick as a SF, but he’s not.

Agree with Matt on this one. If MAAR were a 40%+ 3-point shooter, I could see him potentially having a place in the league. I think he is a good athlete. I’ve said that with a better pull-up jumper, he would kinda remind me of a poor man’s Manny Harris.

None of the others, though – two years ago, people had high hopes that some of these guy had NBA ceilings but I think reality has set in since then.

Irvin will get a look but don’t think he will pan out in the NBA. He was seen in mock drafts last year for this years draft second round and hasnt been since. If he has a very good senior year maybe he will get drafted. Other then him I think thats it. NBAdraft.net has Aubrey Dawkins going round 2 next year.

Playing like he should in his senior year Irvin would be a 2nd rounder.

Kam will be good enough for late first/early second range.

Wagner will be in the league and potentially could be mid first round.

Wouldn’t surprise me if DJ grows into himself if he gets a camp invite somewhere as well.

DeWalt/Maar will have to decide if they want to play overseas or put their degrees to work. Aubrey probably is the same path and could become a dunking all star in china on starburys team some day.

Where in earth did you get Kam and DJ and DWalt and MAAR have a WAY better shot then those two. Irvin I agree and Wagner has potential.

Wow!! Some of you over value this roster just a tad!!


The only ones with a shot IMO is Zak Irvin if he has a very good Senior year and Big Mo due to what I have heard from others. Other then that pro tryouts at best.

Once again, people writing the kids off way before they’re done.

I guess we’ll see.

As to my assessment of the roster, I didn’t say ANY of them would be NBA bound today did I? No room for development?

I forgot about Wagner. Right now I don’t really see it but who knows, maybe he will become a taller Sam Dekker over the next couple years. He does some nice things offensively. Regarding the juniors, I’m not sure anything about their development to date projects to NBA interest in a year’s time.

Mo Wagner will be a stud in the Euro League.

Mo Wagners best shot at the NBA would have been to stay in Europe at Alba Berlin instead of coming here. He would have shined much more.

if i had to put money on one guy it would be Mo. And if I had to take the over/under against 1.5 on number of guys on this roster to play more than 50 games in an NBA career, i would take the under.

Water is wet

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One step at a time. Who on this team is capable of 1st, 2nd or third team all big ten next year?

I would guess Walton, Irvin have a good shot of making at least the third team but they have work to. Maar has a shot too but he has even more work to do. Robinson might make one the all big ten teams but it is unlikely next year I think.

The fact that people are listing people as potential NBA players when those players are fighting to even get playing time on a 11th seed team with only one 3rd team all big ten player in Walton is kinda being overly optimistic no?Optimism is good I guess.

I would be surprised if anyone currently getting significant minutes plays a single minute in the NBA. Wagner I could see, but that’s a long ways down the road.

Only way Kam makes the NBA is if he buys a ticket to a game …As for the rest really doubtful .Irvin might be a late second rounder but a few of these guys could play overseas an make a good living …

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Sadly, I agree. I think Duncan has a chance because he’s an elite shooter, but he’ll have to find a team that can hide him. If Redick is an NBA starter, anything is possible.

I also think Wagner may have a chance. I like his skills a lot.

But that’s really about it. Hopefully Simpson can be a potential NBA player.