What's taking UDM so long to hire a coach?

So other schools have already lost and hired a coach in the since McCallum was ousted at UDM. What the heck is taking them so long? Seems kinda dumb to move so slow with the recruiting season in full swing.

What’s the rush? Get it fast or get it right?

It will be announced next week.

Any guess if BA gets the job?

They anxiously pore over the posts here daily. Now that they’re aware of your need to have them act quickly, they are going to step things up.

I’m not sure if that’s a joke or a jab or what, but they’re missing out on the initial April evaluation period with recruiting so they’re the stupid ones. Being slow doesn’t mean you’re doing a good job. Other schools have both fired and hired in time since McCallum was canned and plenty of them seem to have done a fine job.

As a UM fan, I’m interested to know whether Bacari is leaving but could care less about the UDM coaching search otherwise.

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Just ribbing you. I’m eager for news myself, but assume they are going through their process.

Michigan assistant coach Bacari Alexander is the prohibitive favorite, even though Michigan State associate head coach Dwayne Stephens and former Texas Tech assistant Vince Taylor have interviewed. Former Saginaw High coach and current Northern Illinois assistant Lou Dawkins also could get an interview this week. NBA star Draymond Green, who played for Dawkins at Saginaw, has tried to reach out to Vowels since McCallum was let go.

Vowels has said that he’d like to have a coach in place by the end of the week

I think BA is refusing to keep Jackson on staff and that is the holdup

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Yep. That is exactly it.

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Bacari to Detroit, per Jeff Goodman.


We ever play Detroit?

My question is has anyone interviewed and will JB name an assistant before the weekend or will we be shorthanded a staff member on the road recruiting?

I imagine we’ll hire at least one new assistant rather quickly. Chris Hunter can fill a recruiting role until a second assistant is hired.

I see JB hiring his soon. It could happen quickly and the connection is obvious.

When is this going to be official? BA is on his classic tweet blitz right now tweeting all kinds of Michigan stuff

I heard at 11. It is probably one final Michigan thing he is doing.

7 year deal? Holy cow. Good for Bacari.

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Dang. 7 years?! $450 - $475K per year. Nice work, BA!