What's taking UDM so long to hire a coach?

With much compensation goes much responsibility.

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I think the money is why the hire took so long. I think BA was the #1 choice from the start. It is interesting to see Kampe is making $288,000 (base w/out bonuses) at Oakland. I think BA would have stayed at Michigan if U of D didn’t pony up and make a commitment to him financially. The only other rumored hold up was keeping Jermaine Jackson on staff. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I thought him and Jermaine played at Detroit together and were very good friends. Did anybody see what Lavall’s contract at UW-Milwaukee was?

Not sure, but I believe I saw an article that Jeter made 450k before Jordan – so potentially the same ballpark.

I would think so…I think I read he was making well over $200K at UM. $450K+ just sounds like a lot of money though! Good for those guys!

Believe the last raise had U-M assistants around 230k.

It’s official