Walker Kessler just committed to North Carolina

Not going to throw a whole post on the front page right now, but will start a new thread.

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Good that he committed early. Gives the staff time to hone in on others. Hopefully Williams or Dickinson are attainable. I’m guessing williams will go to Duke.

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Williams to Duke. ??? To Michigan

Seems like a really tough result for Michigan. Duke has an extra spot to take a big than if Kessler went to Duke. Hurts our chances for the other big guys


Wonder if the board expands from here. I’m glad Kessler got this out of the way now. I’m sure Williams winds up at Duke as a result too. So all eggs currently are likely in the Dickinson basket. May need to re-evaluate the center board.

What ever happened to that Loveday guy?

He took officials to Louisville, Baylor and OSU I believe. Hasn’t been much of any mutual interest there since Howard was hired.

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Think Williams is ending up at Duke regardless.

Ryan Kalkbrenner committed to Creighton tonight.

Had been some talk about Purdue in his recruitment which could have taken them out of the running for Dickinson.

So is this a big loss for Duke or do they just move on and don’t care? I’m so far out and lost on the 5* recruitment world.


Bummer – hoping it would be Duke if not us. But at least it’s done early. I would guess a weird choice, given Roy typically has liked traditional bigs. Maybe time to make Dickinson the priority, as he seems to be the one with less blueblood competition.

I would guess that’s exactly what they pitched him as. I think his trainer even mentioned that? I could be remembering that though.

Yes. My understanding is that was UNC’s pitch, especially because they have another 5 star big in the class who is more traditional.

Makes sense. In no way is this a sour-grapes comment, but maybe he’s another 5 that wants to be a 3, as is often said. there’s a part of me that has always liked Dickinson because he’s not perceived as necessarily a one-and-done, and more of a guy who needs to take a year to grow first. That seems to fit with Colin castleton this timeline, and his kind of interior-only-and-happy-there game seems to be what Howard wants from a big.

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Luke Maye didn’t have actual talent?


There’s no reason he can’t play the four at UNC. He’s a great shooter and UNC mostly plays two traditional big men. He’s one of the only bigs who I have seen a team run baseline out of bounds plays for to set him up with 3-point attempts on the move. In many ways, the Luke Maye role is perfect for him.

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Right. It’s entirely reasonable, is what I meant but could have been clearer in saying. If I had that kind of game I too would want the NBA to see me as a 4 and not a 5. Sounds like the kid is being smart for himself and his future. Hard to get upset about that.

I think this is the wrong way to frame it. Every five-star is a “loss” in that regard but your recruiting is never based on who you miss, it is based on who you sign. Duke still has other targets in the pipeline, you can’t really judge their class (or Michigan’s) until it is signed.

I would have loved to land Kessler, but I don’t think a (likely) one-and-done center is our top priority with Castleton projecting to be pretty solid as a junior. I would like to have a guy who can develop as the backup center, as I assume Johns will be the starting PF by then, and Dickinson could very well be that guy. Even if Livers is back for his senior year and starts at the 4, you still want a third center who can eventually take over the starting center position. I guess that we could also look at a grad transfer to play some big man minutes.

Suddenly Isaiah Todd seems to be becoming more realistic

No more room at unc with Kessler and sharpe
UK is close to filling up and some of their insiders say they aren’t really after him that hard
Just canceled his Memphis visit and their insiders say the communication between him and their staff hasn’t been great

Seems like that one could come down to KU(sanctions looming) and Michigan. There are overseas rumblings though.