Walker Kessler just committed to North Carolina

Todd is an interesting prospect. Watching his highlights, I can’t tell if he lacks elite athleticism or if he’s just so smooth that he looks effortless. It’s such a contrast between him and Isaiah Jackson, who doesn’t look as skilled as Todd, but his moore herky-jerky style makes him look even more explosive. Obviously it would be great if we can land Todd, and Howard was a skilled technician who would have probably extended his range out past the line in today’s game, so they should connect pretty well. It feels like most of the 5 star big man are more in the athletic freak variety, but Todd’s skill level would really make him a big-time contributor even as a one-and-done big man.

Edit: I should note that I think Todd IS ATHLETIC. Just that how well he moves and good footwork makes him look less athletic than what he really is.

I’m pretty sure that Todd wants to be a 3. He’s been on campus at UNC a bunch lately (was there this weekend and he goes to a school in Durham now). UNC really needs to find a replacement for Cole Anthony but they will probably have 4 (potentially 5 with Bacot) open scholarships for the year with Brandon Robinson, Justin Pierce, Christian Keeling, and Cole Anthony out the door. They have two left with Sharpe and Kessler on board.

The new staff giving Beilein-offers Loveday and Scooby the cold shoulder is beginning to look like a strategic error, especially considering how late to the party the staff was (unavoidably) with all these 5-stars.

In fairness, I know Loveday was a Beilein 5 and Howard appears to want a traditional low post big, but Scooby is another story. He may not be elite at any one skill, but I don’t see any glaring weaknesses in his game. He just appears to be a smart young man who does pretty much everything well and would be a great team player for four years.

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I think UNC has only 12 on scholarship this year, so they should have an additional spot to those you mentioned. Unless they added someone late that I didn’t notice.

FWIW Unc insiders have been pretty adamant Todd to unc won’t happen. He supposedly has been taking the visits there because he is close to some unc players and it’s close to where he is going to school. I also believe juwan and self are the only 2 head coaches to visit Todd thus far in the fall veal period.

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Kenny Smith’s son got the 13th scholarship this year, they have another available.

I’ve also heard from the UNC people that Todd pursued them and called the coaching staff to tell them that he was still interested, he then visited immediately. Very strange recruitment.

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John Beilein was giving Scooby the cold shoulder. He hadn’t been prioritized at all from what I remember. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. MSU’s been slowplaying him as well.

I think Scooby could be good, just found it a bit odd the way he’s put on a pedestal. Never seen the board do that for anyone of his caliber before.


Curious where recruiting the 5 goes from here. Wait out Dickinson and Williams before any putting out other offers or try to get in on others before it’s too late?

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Fair enough. Although Beilein was not known for handing out offers like candy on Halloween. Would Howard even have offered? I’m not sure.

I can’t speak for others, but I really like what I’ve seen. A lot of substance, not much flash. I would take four years of a high basketball IQ player like Johnson over one from an elite athlete with high upside who makes poor decisions. I’m not comparing him to a specific player here—merely pointing out that I place a high value on what I expect Scooby would bring.

I won’t argue that I’m objectively correct on this one. I obviously can’t predict the future. It’s only my opinion, and your point is well taken.

Just to be clear, I didn’t mean to be all doom-and-gloom in the bit you quoted. There are still a few of the prioritized players with whom Michigan appears to have a fair chance.

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Todd reminds me of Rashard Lewis. I could see him playing the 4 or 3. I don’t really see him as a B1G C.

There is also the option to exercise the 5th year on Austin Davis. Have vets Castelton & Davis at the 5 spot in 20-21 with Faulds as an emergency option or Johns as a small-ball option. Focus on the position for Class of 21.

That’s seems like a “break glass in case of emergency” type option

I’m still holding out hope for Davis. I was hoping that he would be a catch and finish big who can give you some minutes against teams with some bulk at the 5. For a player whose plus attribute has always been his hands (no drama, no Kardashians), in games he’s played like he’s had a case of the Yips.

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I don’t see much hope for Davis cause there’s just nothing there measureable wise, aside from the fact that he can’t get out of his own way on defense. He’s not athletic, not that strong relatively, not that tall for a C either (looks shorter than 6’10 to my eyes). Can’t shoot. Can’t dribble. Just nothing there at all.


Point taken regarding his defense. I’m actually more confident in his ability to improve on the offensive end than I am on the defensive side. You can’t be a human whistle on defense.