Video timeline: Five-star forward Isaiah Todd career highlights

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Thought that breaking Todd’s highlights into year-by-year segments shows his growth as a prospect. I think it is pretty clear from watching the film that he took a notable step forward this summer in EYBL play.

You can also see why he was the top prospect in the country after his freshman year because he was already long, lean, athletic and skilled at a young age.


He is good. So anxious for the commit. And then after he does, he will be my most anticipated freshman recruit in a long time. Michigan really hasn’t had a player like him.

Dylan, you have again outdone yourself. So much more content then anyone else.

Great job!


Agreed! We are lucky to have this site. The content is second to none. I have MSU friends that are very jealous.


An in-depth morning post on commitment-day…awesome!, but also greatly increasing the # of tears that will be shed if $elf gets him

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This commit will be interesting, tough to get really excited since there still seems like a good chance he’ll be overseas next year. Today’s “commitment” is only half the battle

My man @MoeSWagner, do you get excited about anything? :wink:


Good chance? I’d say there is a slight chance, but some people want to make it sound like it’s extremely likely. If it was extremely likely, he would just announce that now as opposed to committing to a college.


Appreciate it. Trying to stay on top of things here. Should be a busy day with media day this afternoon too.

As always, best way you guys can say thanks (other than subscribing) is to spread the word and let other people know. Thanks.


If I knew for sure he was staying stateside I’d be extremely excited. Just a lot of smoke that he won’t be. Still happy that Juwan is getting a recruiting win and I’m starting to change my tune on his recruiting strategy it looks like it could pay off in a big way. Hopefully a Moody commit is coming soon as well

I’ve seen 60-40 + that he leaves from a couple recruiting guys. That’s seems to be more than “slight” unless your definition is different than mine

Meh. That’s not what the kid is saying. It’s all speculation. But like I said, if it’s very likely he goes overseas, why even announce now? Why not do it the way RJ Hampton did and take your recruitment into the spring and then make the call?


It is not unreasonable to worry he might play overseas. That is going to be the case with a lot of top players, especially if the current crop has a lot of success in Australia. People are getting into that business (overseas, training w/o college, etc.) and don’t have to play by the same recruiting rules. They are going to make an impact on the landscape.

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His comments he’s leaving to door open for him to leave. No idea why he’d commit but it won’t hurt him too, from what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like he plans on signing in the early period either. There’s a lot of smoke that he’ll likely be overseas, I don’t think that’s coming from out of the blue.

I’m glad I’m not the only one confident of a Todd M commitment tonight.:smiley:
I echo the GREAT JOB comments.

It’s coming from more a lot more recruiting guys than just Balas

Really it depends on what kind of info they’re getting. Are they all just echoing the same source? Todd himself said, “I think college is the best route.” Now he could change his mind, but it seems like right now he genuinely considers college the first choice.


That could be lip service as well to build excitement for his commitment (the analyst who did that interview with him believes its 60/40 he leaves so those comments didn’t sway his opinion). We’ll just have to see I guess, but this “commitment” is only half the battle.

Corey Evans is who did the interview with Todd with those quotes, still thinks he’s more likely to go overseas.
Maybe you know more than the multiple analysts who’ve talked to recruits, coaches, AAU guys across the country and Todd himself.