Video: Cole Bajema scores over 30 points in back-to-back games


Worth noting that Lynden Christian is a small school, but Glacier Peak is significantly bigger (4A vs 1A) and that was a close hard-fought 66-60 win for Bajema’s squad.

Dylan, any update on Height and Weight for Cole? Just Curious. Some were projecting a lot of increased height potential. I didn’t see it in the video. Looks like about 6’ 6" to me.

He does a good job of using his body to shield his shot from being blocked at drives to the rim. Also, opposing coaches need to instruct their players not to guard him at the 3-point line. Instead, guard him about 3 to 4 feet beyond the line. He has Jordan Poole range.

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Beilein must be drooling seeing Bajema so facile in that high ball screen action - shoots, drives, distributes and rejects the screen with relative ease.

Be interested to see as he continues to develop if he can get to the rim off the bounce in college. Nice prospect.

Well he is listed at 6’8" on the roster.

Also, JB mentioned that he has gained 16 pounds over the summer. Still skinny, but moving in the right direction.

Also, I looked up the heights for the kids from Glacier Peak, most were in the 6’3-4" range. So I would say at least 6’6’, but probably closer to 6’7".

Good Work BigPlay! You make me feel lazy! I agree 6’ 7" is probably the right call.

Nope I am the lazy one. Self employed and no real pressing issues so I said screw work and peruse the internet for a while. Haha!

A mix between Darius Morris and Nik Stauskas, Bajema is going to take over this offense in his year two.

Those threes were well behind the line. Scores with either hand on drives, a skinny Iggy. Full complement of moves. They were double and triple teaming him, still couldn’t keep him from getting where he wanted to go. Great pickup by Beilein.

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He basically does it all on offense, shoots form DEEP, has a mid range game, and takes it to the hole with ease using nifty moves and finishing with either hand as you said. Now, if they just didn’t have that no dunk rule in his HS league he’d show that he really DOES have it all! :smiley:

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I’m seeing a mix of Trey Burke, Mitch McGary, and Zion.


:rofl: :rofl:

In all honesty, I still see a less athletic Kevin Huerter…


Which I will be incredibly pleased with if it comes to fruition :slight_smile:

He’s got a lot of innate skill. Who knows how it develops as he matures.

He’s gonna have a great coach to bring it out though.

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I’d go with a taller, more athletic Spike.

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Huerter high school senior or Huerter Maryland Junior?

Huerter Maryland Junior never existed :slight_smile:

I just mean the feel to his game, ability to play as a secondary ball screen guy, hit shots from deep, etc. He isn’t going to arrive on campus playing like Kevin Huerter is playing for the Hawks right now, if that’s what you mean.