Video: Cole Bajema scores over 30 points in back-to-back games


As a Hawks fan, I love Kevin Huerter and would love If Cole became half the player Huerter is.


Caveat: I watch no NBA until June and am referring to Huerter’s role in AAU/Maryland.


I don’t watch the NBA either, too boring.
I remember seeing film on him when Beilein first started recruiting him (probably from sophomore year) and he did look like a shorter version of Bajema. Good ball handler and passer as well as outside shot.

What position do you think Bajema best fits at Michigan, assuming he doesn’t grow any taller.


Maryland, Kevin Huerter? The guy who averaged 12 points in two games against Michigan last year and was 3-12 from 3. The guy was on the team who was down to Michigan 54-24 at the half in the last home game of his college career? That Kevin Huerter? I think Cole will be better than him in college, although the college coaching difference should help him.

Now, AAU Kevin Huerter or NBA trials Kevin Huerter may be a different story, but the Kevin Huerter I saw at Maryland, he under achieved.


Taking a comparison and then extrapolating it to be about one player’s performance in a couple games is a great example of why I hate using comparisons.

Kevin Huerter shot 39.6% from three for his career and had a 20% assist rate as a sophomore. He was very long for a guard and could play out of some ball screens, but he was never a primary ball screen guy either.

Just get a similar vibe to their games.

His offensive game feels like it would fit best at the two to me, but really depends who is around him in what spots.


He’s talking about the Kevin Huerter that scored 15 PPG on 60% eFG%, 3.5APG, and 5RPG his sophomore year of college with a coach that is not known for dynamic offensive sets, earning himself a top 20 pick because of his shooting and playmaking abilities. If Cole puts up that line as a sophomore I would be pleasantly shocked


(And I’m also not saying that he will put up those kind of stats early in his career. :slight_smile: )


Kevin Huerter was a top 20 NBA draft pick after two years. He played 63 games, why only bring up 2?


Can’t speak to the comparison between Bajema and Huerter because I am not informed enough, but Huerter was a very positive player in college and has been highly regarded for his play so far in the NBA, which I agree with after watching him a few times.


I really like his poise and motor. Looking forward to seeing him develop at the next level.


He’s less athletic than Huerter, and probably a bit less adept as a ball handler (nice cross-over though). On the other hand, he’s already taller, and thus likely more versatile positionally than was Huerter. Though I’m not suggesting he’ll be a first team AA/high lottery pick, the guy I see a bit of when I watch Bajema is Mike Dunleavy, Jr.


Really like this young man. I think his playing time comes down to strength and conditioning. He could be like Caris though not sure if he can take a full season of B1G pounding. IGGY has the frame and mass…CB not so much. Can’t wait to see him evolve!


Yep. Handle is probably a little loose for a primary. At the two, though, he can burn you shooting and then would be good enough to drive off of hard closeouts that he would see.


Caris was just as thin as a high school senior. No reason why Baj can’t add 20 lbs. of good weight in the next two years.


Agreed…I think he will. I just posted an article related to Teske and the Sandman…good stuff!


Love that they have a shot clock!

The MHSAA needs to follow suit.


I 100% agree with this opinion. If he continues to get stronger his skill set will go a long way.