Video: Archie Miller recaps loss to Michigan


Night and Day difference from McCaffery’s press performance/tantrum.


Straight up real answers are very refreshing.


How you can build a roster without any real shooters is impressive (not in a good way). I thought Indiana and Archie did about as well as they could today, this was just a huge imbalance in team skill.

The roster construction is definitely the biggest gripe I’d have as an IU fan

100% agree.

Has he ever beaten us??

Archie is 0-5 against Michigan with no games decided by fewer than 11 points.


Kind of makes you wish he could have some success

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Not exactly. It’s more along the lines of my wishing he receives a contract extension with an 8-figure buyout.

I guess there are multiple ways to define success

Agreed. My definition has considerably more to do with Michigan beating an Archie Miller-led IU team 8 times in a row. I’m also on board with a lifetime contact.

Sounded like a guy who knew he had no chance today so wasn’t that emotional or down.

I do not want to start reading or hearing about John Beilein going to Indiana. That would be too perfect a fit for him.

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Or not. As a sports fan, and especially as a Michigan fan, I have no sympathy for opposing coaches having bad teams or bad days. Just win baby.

Archie praised Michigan AND berated his own team - living up to my expectations. .

This is my worst fear. I would not want to have to root against Beilein and I also don’t want to see him resurrect another program in the Big ten. Whether it’s Indiana, Minnesota or Penn State. I will root like crazy for him when he coaches Iowa State.

Yes! The way I see it, IU needs to retain Archie at least until such time as somebody else hires John Beilein.

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I understand the rationale, but I would have no problem rooting against Beilein in the B1G. He resurrected the U-M basketball program and will always have a special place in my heart. However, he moved to greener pastures on very short notice (which weren’t that green) and now U-M has Juwan. Rooting against JB if he coached a B1G team against U-M doesn’t mean I’m rooting for his failure.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind if he resurrected Minnesota or Penn State: elevates the conference. Indiana still considers Bobby Knight a deity, so I’m not clamoring for their success.


I’d love to watch Beilein try to revive a B1G program and I don’t care which program it is. It could elevate the conference even higher than it is today. I’d enjoy watching the team regularly with a pretty good idea of what he’s trying to accomplish and to see how the team incorporates his plan. It’d also be fun to see what changes he makes in his priorities from his time at Michigan. If he were to go to a non-B1G school, I doubt I’d make a point to watch many of his games.

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I don’t actually think Beilein is a good fit for Indiana. His age means he has a limited time span, and he’s not an elite recruiter. Could he win there? Yes, but I’m not sure the type of program he builds, and the timeline with which he would build it, is going to attract the important decisionmakers.

He would be an excellent fit at Minnesota.


Also, Beilein’s system takes a while to kick in. Beilein appears much more relaxed than he ever did as a coach. I am not sure going back to coaching is a good idea for him at his age.

Indiana passed on Holtmann, Beard, and Mack for Archie. How awful that looks now. I think their best bet in terms of becoming elite again is to try to find someone with Juwan H’s profile, an elite former NBA player who has gained experience as an asst coach for an NBA team like the Spurs.