Video: Archie Miller recaps loss to Michigan

Hasn’t pretty much every elite former NBA player not named Juwan been an epic failure as coach? :face_with_monocle:

In college or overall?

Just college. Excellent nba coach and excellent college coach are very different skillsets.

I’d like to see Coach B as an assistant at Butler for Lavall. Take on a Martelli role where he’d get a chance to be around the kids and coach, in this case also help out a former Assistant coach. I like the Butler program, and would be a great program fit for the Coach B type of recruits.


Beilein was interviewed by Mark Titus last week and he didn’t sound like someone who wants to do the assistant thing. I took the interviews as he’s going to be a head coach somewhere next year.

Yeah agreed, totally unlikely Beilein EVER works as an Assistant officially. I could see him making alot of money as a consultant for teams all over the NCAA as an analyst. Which would be great for him if he’s happy working from home.

It just would not be John Beilein if he were an assistant. That would ruin that legendary TV talking point.


Beilein recruited Indiana better than any other state (Novak, Stu, GR3, McGary, Spike, Irvin), so I would guess he has some great relationships there.

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Did you know that John Beilein has never been an assistant coach?


You’ll never guess how Charles Matthews came to Michigan!

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The Mayflower?


You’re thinking of Abraham Lincoln

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LaVall Jordan was an assistant when a lot of those guys signed. Not discounting Beilein closing the deal, but Jordan probably had some influence on those decisions.

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Meyer was also an Indiana guy

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Some say he even wrecked IU’s program!


Tom Crean said former Beilein asst Meyer wrecked their program.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


That was…NOT a pretty moment! And SO absurd. I lost all respect for Crean after that.


Wonder how Crean felt when Indiana’s AD said the exact same thing to him. :eyes:


Archie has never beaten Purdue either.

If I’d had any for him prior to that little incident, I would have done the same.

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