UMHoops Fantasy Football

Someone had mentioned this another time but… who wants to make this happen? I can create said league if there’s interest. And I have some opinions on proper league settings but I’m good with whatever. And would prefer like $20 buy in but again, good with whatever.


I would be interested

I’d be down

I’m in. Don’t care about the format. I’ve only ever played PPR but I don’t have strong feelings about it.

I would be in as well. New to the forum but avid Fantasy guy. Mostly have done 10 team PPR but done for whatever.

Welcome, @Kyleman150 with the excellent minutes projections. :grin:

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What host are you thinking? ESPN?

I figure when we get enough people we can figure that out but my preference is Yahoo or ESPN as they are mainstream and the ones I’ve always done

I’d be in. 12 teams, ppr is ideal.

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ESPN is the most user friendly with App on your phone and the online draft process.

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I’m in! I’ve been using Sleeper with my friends’ leagues, but I’m good with whatever platform.

My football fantasy is that there’s no more football.


sounds like fun

Smells like the absence of pain

I would be in. Seems to be a lot of interest. If I make the cut, PM me.

Or if there is enough interest, perhaps have 2 leagues?

I’d play, but have no problem sitting out if too many people are interested.

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I didn’t know we had to reserve a spot :grimacing:

Same as the others, if there’s room let me know and I’ll happily play.

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We’re at about 12 pending whether @hack and @BigBoutros are interested or just making their presence felt in the thread anyway

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I meant it. The only way I have to think about football and feel anything positive about it is to remember I wrote off the Lions in 2004 and it’s been 17 years with absolutely no regrets.