UMHoops CBB Fantasy League


Would anyone be interested in something like this? Fantrax offers the capability, and the roster pool can be edited however you like. So we could do just Big Ten, or Big Ten+, or whatever.

Yes I got the idea from Ant’s tweet.


I would be for sure


I’m in if it is Big Ten only. Preferably try to do the lazy draft mode where everyone doesn’t have to be at the same place at same time.


Definitely interested.


For sure!!


I’d be in no matter what, but a keepers league would be pretty sweet for NCAA. Would make the draft more interesting with freshmen vs. seniors, one and dones, etc


That draft mode does look like a good idea for a group of random guys with lots of stuff to do


For B1G only I’m in


If we want to do B1G only probably need to limit it to 8 teams in our league. Let me know any other suggestions you guys have, a lot of customization is available. Looking at a 4 hour limit per pick, draft sleeps in the middle of the night.


I’d be interested. I’ve only done CFB fantasy, but we did B1G and MAC to keep it regional, but also have enough players to pick from. Though I’m not sure how much everyone keeps up on the mid majors. MAC is really the only mid major conference I follow.


I would be interested


I’d be interested in hearing more, for sure. I’m in regardless of leagues.


Definitely interested in this.


I would be in


I think I’ve counted more than 8 people saying they’re in…but, if a spot is open…I’m in :slight_smile:


I sent a message to the first 7 guys that responded. For those that missed out, there may be enough interest in a 2nd league, perhaps with B1G and some local conferences, or a power conference league?


I would be interested if there is a 2nd league


Would also definitely be interested if there was a 2nd league!


I’d be happy to try and organize a second league? What websites offer Fantasy CBB? If you’re interested and aren’t in the first league shoot me a PM. I can edit this with amount of people that would be in. :+1:


I’m using Fantrax. Really cool site, tons of customization available. Let me know if you have any questions with it