UMHoops CBB Fantasy League


I would be intersted


I would be interested as well


Interested too!


Just sent out a group PM to those who’ve responded in here. There’s nine people in currently, looking for one more person for a ten-man league. If you’ve posted in this post and aren’t in either league, let me know. Otherwise, looking for one more person!


For everyone in the first league, our draft is live. I almost missed my pick but luckily checked my email while I was on the clock


Yeah I didn’t make a post since I assumed people checked their emails more than the board. I may have been wrong about that haha


Second league guys, our draft is tomorrow at 5. I emailed a bunch of you the invite, still waiting for a couple of yours as well so please respond/join ASAP. Thanks!


I’ll play if someone doesn’t sign in my draft time. PM sent.


PM sent your way!


League two draft starts in literally two minutes. Just a heads-up to those who didn’t see the PM.