Top-35 center Hunter Dickinson commits to Michigan


Unreal. Great get for Coach Howard and Michigan

quick trigger

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AIn’t gonna lie, I’m usually jaded about commit videos, but the jersey progression was pretty cool…ESPECIALLY the LAST ONE.


Huge get. IMO, center was the position that looked the most problematic/fewest options. Dickinson – whether a starter or a reserve – fills a big void in the depth chart.


Agreed. The jersey thing was really sweet. I saw the commitment video post on his twitter and already figured based on the talk on the forum here and the 247 Crystal Ball projections he was a lock to come to Ann Arbor, but still the jersey thing was cool and suspenseful. Good idea whoever thought of that and welcome to Michigan!


So Davis will be the only non-4 or 5 star scholarship player on the roster next year?

Eli will be the only one most likely


Probably inspired by Durant


Yep – another DMV guy too.


I feel pretty good about Dickinson and Castleton, especially if we can hold onto Todd and have both Todd and Johns as small ball 5 options.

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Wow, well done Juwan. Dickinson looks like a mix of McGary and Teske to me.

Disappointed in the split M at the end smh.

In what way? In that he has McGary’s build and handedness combined with Teske’s height? I can see that. Play style wise, not at all.

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Dickinson and Zeb feel like the most important recruits with Teske and Simpson leaving. There are a lot of options at the 4 (Livers, Johns, Castleton and maybe Franz) so losing Todd to overseas won’t be a disaster if that occurs.

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This x1000. Zeb and Hunter, given the right development, will be big time players for the program for years to come. So stoked about them. Knock on wood but I wouldn’t be surprised to see these guys play a major role in bringing a few banners to AA.

Ideally, to pair with Todd, we’re able to get Christopher as well. Then we would have two relative longer term guys and two guys who might make more of an immediate impact.

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Hail Yeah. Now get Josh Christopher or Terrance Williams and Jace Howard and call it good.

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Juwan is going to recruit well. NOW START BELIEVING IT!!