Ticket Exchange Thread 2023-24

If you have tickets or are looking for tickets. Post here.

If you are interested in learning more about someone’s offer, or have questions about a listing, please take the conversation to private messages.

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Is there a spot to offer up tickets on here or? I have season tickets but am also a coach so know there are games I will miss (Virginia and a few others). Would rather sell them to people on here I know would enjoy them than some random off the street.


How many seats do you have, when available?

2 seats in section 219

Thanks for this Dylan, I’m a season ticket holder as well and will post here when not using mine!


I have 2 tickets to Virginia up for grabs. Message me if you are interested. Go Blue.

I’ll have 3 in the lower bowl for Virginia available as I’ll be out of town that week.

Dylan, will you have any ticket links or discounts to the Jumpman games in Charlotte?

Not using my tickets tonight after my three year old decided she’s refusing to go. Anyone want em? 13th row in the corner right across the aisle from the student section.

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I’ll take those seats for a game to be named later! Love close to floor near a basket to see the pushing and shoving under the basket…

2 tickets for Virginia are officially up for grabs. Let me know if interested

A colleague gave me his one (paper) ticket to the game tonight. His seats are pretty good. I’ve sat in them before but can’t go tonight. DM me and maybe there’s a way I can hand it over. Or if anyone knows a way to transfer them to someone when they’re not yours. (My colleague is very old and not very tech savvy.)

Anyone want 2 free tickets to Lipscomb this afternoon? Seats are section 222, which is the 3rd row of the upper bowl behind the Michigan bench. Will transfer them to the first one to message.

Anybody have an in on tickets for IU this Saturday?

I’ve been filming a travel show for the Field of 68 people I work with this season where we go to various Big Ten arenas and vlog it, Saturday is the game we scheduled to attend in Ann Arbor and our media credentials got denied.

Would need two tickets, not picky on where and happy to pay. Bonus points if there’s a way to get in the student section for content purposes :joy:


As a member of the Maize Rage and a listener of your content, we have blacklisted Carter from the entire arena. You on the other hand are free and welcome!

(joking of course lol)


That sucks. I didn’t get through the whole thing but the Illinois one was definitely fun.


Wasn’t sure where to post this but does anyone have any idea about timing for a public ticket sale for the S16/E8 games in Detroit next year? I’d sure like to go to that.

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Can we get a new ticket exchange thread? Also, if anyone is thinking of going tonight there are lots of tickets to be had for $1 on Seatgeek


I thought about it, but really didn’t want to drive over from GR and fight the traffic on I96 in the " absolutely no construction zone." I drove it last night on my way to East Lansing and that slowdown on the “absolutely no construction zone” drove me CRAZY…and cost me about 25-30 minues I didn’t plan for.

Why was I driving to East Lansing, you ask? Well, I was disguised as Pete Thamel pretending to be Connor Stallions and I wanted to surreptitiously film Michigan State’s basketball practice with my android phone so I could “steal their signs!” I’m not sure but I think Ryan Day’s brother was there clandestinely disguised as Sparty with the plan of videoing me and turning the tape over to his RAT of a brother who will immediately send it to the B1G commish on behalf of the B1G basketball coaches, all the while whining about what cheaters we Michigan fans are! Oh wait, that can’t be right, Sparty doesn’t see us as a threat in basletball, nor does Ohio State, so maybe I have that wrong! :rofl:

OK, 15 minutes 'til game time. Let’s see what we got! :blue_heart:


I’ll be on a flight to LA during the YSU game if anyone would like to take my 2 tickets free of charge before I list them on SeatGeek. Just dm