Ticket Exchange Thread 2022-23

If you have tickets or are looking for tickets. Post here.

If you are interested in learning more about someone’s offer, or have questions about a listing, please take the conversation to private messages.

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Is there a spot to offer up tickets on here or? I have season tickets but am also a coach so know there are games I will miss (Virginia and a few others). Would rather sell them to people on here I know would enjoy them than some random off the street.


How many seats do you have, when available?

2 seats in section 219

Thanks for this Dylan, I’m a season ticket holder as well and will post here when not using mine!


I have 2 tickets to Virginia up for grabs. Message me if you are interested. Go Blue.

I’ll have 3 in the lower bowl for Virginia available as I’ll be out of town that week.

Dylan, will you have any ticket links or discounts to the Jumpman games in Charlotte?

Not using my tickets tonight after my three year old decided she’s refusing to go. Anyone want em? 13th row in the corner right across the aisle from the student section.

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I’ll take those seats for a game to be named later! Love close to floor near a basket to see the pushing and shoving under the basket…

2 tickets for Virginia are officially up for grabs. Let me know if interested