Three-star forward Jace Howard commits to Michigan


IMO M will have 3 to 4 transfers after the season so there will be room for both Christopher and Brown should they choose M. BTW the last two 247 Sports Crystal Balls have Christopher going to M.

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I’m glad he picked U-M. While I understand it was probably was probably a foregone conclusion once Juwan offered, I have to believe it was entirely Jace’s call . I love defensive-minded guys with a motor and toughness on the boards, and from what I read from the article, that’s what we’re getting with Jace. Always great to have players who will probably stay with the program 3-4 years to complement those probably destined to be gone after 1-2 years.


Pretty cool that Juwan Howard and Tom Izzo have agreed to let their sons play one on one to determine the winner of every rivalry game for the remainder of their time here, I for one fully support it


Plays well with others.

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Dunno, buckets. I think Steven is taller than his coaching dad. Can’t say the same for Jace.


Looks like he’s a strong, physical, young man. Sounds like a great teammate, and a great kid to coach. Kudos to his parents. Couldn’t get a feel for who, and how, he can defend, that’ll be interesting to see.
I could see him excelling as the pick in a pick and roll. He knows how to post. Loves going over his left shoulder.

I would be thrilled with Jace if he can just defend reasonably well, play hard, and be respectable on open 3s. If he can do those things even just by year 3 that is a great role player to bring off the bench.


I’m confused who’s leaving? I could see Nunez not liking the way it’s lining up, Davis, but who else?

They will have room.
Brown expressing interest was a total surprise. Not quite sure what to make of it.


I wouldn’t worry about it at this point. The staff knows the situation better than any of us and there are still plenty of dominos to fall


3 to 4 transfers seems way too high. 1-2 seems more likely.

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Has it been stated anywhere whether Jace Howard has been offered a scholarship?

If he does get a scholarship and if Christopher and Brown were to commit to Michigan, then we need (A) 3 transfers or (B) 2 transfers plus Livers going pro or © 1 transfer plus Livers going pro and redshirt senior Davis not being offered a 5th year.

Can we get 1, 2, or 3 transfers? I think so. If a current player like Nunez, Bajema, Johns, or Brooks were told they would see little playing time at Michigan next year and beyond, I would think all of them would consider transferring.

“However, just because he is the son of the head coach, it doesn’t mean that his scholarship offer was handed to him on a silver platter.”

Jace vouched for the above article and has been on record before as saying that he has only discussed being on scholarship with the coaches.

Yes. He’s on scholarship.

I’d expect plenty of attrition given the large class coming in, the fact that it is a new head coach, etc.


I feel bad/sad. There’s definitely a lot of guys I wouldn’t want to see leave who I think still have very bright futures.


A goo at the video suggests that he could be better than his ranking. Works hard, moves quickly. Agree with others–I want to see how he plays defense. But I wouldn’t assume he’ll be shabby there, either.

If he could be a Charles Matthews type defender who could hit open shots would be great for the team.

There are very few players with the potential to be a Charles Matthews type defender. I would not put Jace in that group. He’s more of a 4/3 than a 2/3 as Charles was. And Charles was a special athlete.


I’d like to see Jace’s position listed as the adult in the room.

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