The State of UM Basketball


In January? I think Watson’s eyes lit up against everyone that he played against in that game.

Also Simpson isn’t big but he measured at 6-foot (with shoes as most measurements are referred to) with a 6-4 wingspan in 2015.

BTW, I’m not arguing against adding a graduate transfer PG/PNR guy, very much for that. But I think X showed a lot of promise defensively this year.


I’m still skeptical of people thinking he is going to be a plus defender. Is he an upgrade from day one?


Also Glynn Watson is listed at 6’0" so I doubt that size was the issue in that matchup. Mainly just inexperience I believe.


Correct, in 2014 Watson measured at 6-foot with shoes and 6-2 wingspan at USA BB event.


“Mathews is a better defender than Irvin.”

This may be true, I don’t know. I have never seen Mathews play. But, Irvin was arguably our best defender and could guard multiple positions, so I am not ready to call that an upgrade.


The quotes below about Xavier Simpson are those made by Brian Snow, a guy I tend to pay attention to where player evaluations are concerned:

[quote]“But as a player, this is a kid who reminds me a lot of T.J. McConnell who is tearing it up in the NBA,” Snow said. "That might be a strong adjective but playing really well in the NBA.

“He’s a tough kid, a good not great shooter but he’s just a great leader, a good passer and really good defender. He just does everything it takes for his team to win. This is a kid I just love and one of my favorites in the class.”

I personally think those attributes are still there for Simpson. I like his approach on court. He didn’t seem to be interested in trying to impress the crowd at all this past season. I feel his focus was ‘Know what I’m asked to do. Do what I’m asked to do.’

For me, HS players come into the college game from a variety of the same two angles. Either they need to shed the unnecessary and be enabled to allow their skillsets/efforts to settle in & support their team. Or they are taught how to equip their skillsets to support their team.

I look for Xavier to get done what’s he needs to get done for his team next season.


I’m a little skeptical about Simpson being anywhere near 6’0". I would probably have to examine the shoes, measure him myself, and have Pope Francis confirm it before I believe it.



I think Dylan is implying he is the pope…


Haha nope, just passing along the info I have.

For comparison, here’s DeJulius measurements from last summer:


I was wondering what that white smoke was yesterday…


Well it was 4/20, so…


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If Matthews is not an upgrade from Irvin defensively I will still be very happy with Matthews’ defense. Irvin was in total lock down mode for pretty much the entire final third of the season.


Agree. Overall, I see the 3 as being equal to last year. CM will be more athletic, better slasher and probably a better rebounder. Outside shooting is probably not as good and leadership is unknown.

I see the 2, 4 and 5 as all being better next year due to one more year of experience, in some case more strength & conditioning and better backups. I see the 1 as a drop off, unless we add a decent grad transfer.


So his height changed year-to-year without the slightest change in his wingspan? Hmm.


Is it suddenly impossible for somebody’s torso to grow one inch without their arms growing?


Fair point. At either rate, I withdraw my tangent and look forward to seeing what X will do next year (great things, I expect).


He’s a kid that Beilein said had a “a little dog” in him when he arrived in Ann Arbor. What impressed me is that he kept his head down and worked hard when he got minutes. I think that dog, or leadership quality, will begin to emerge next season. He’ll be more confident in his command of the offense


Therein lies the fun for a fan. Watching players develop.