The State of UM Basketball


Unless you’re a UK C-a-t-s, cats, cats cats hoops fan … then you watch players all advance to the NBA after 1-year to develop (or sit on IR, if drafted in Philly).


A negative transformation, although, I’m sure a large proportion of UK fans enjoy that aspect of what the C-a-t-s program is locked into these days…


For those without Twitter, this is hilarious. DJ, Walton and Michigan Basketball were liking/sharing:


Oh God, the windmill layup was great :laughing:


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How Michigan basketball plane crash changed John Beilein and his wife




That’s a stat that definitely highlights JB’s offensive acumen. I am curious how Michigan’s rate of shots taken at the rim compares to the rest of the country.


I think I’ve written about some of this before, but Michigan’s high 3PA/FGA means they take less shots at the rim than a lot of other teams. Most of those shots are on rolls, cuts, etc. which helps the percentages.


Blast from the past


That’s great! Looking back at Dylan’s writing is hilarious… obviously has become a significantly better writer and a lot more unemotional in his reactions, as well.


Haha, man… You guys are going way back into the archives. That was when I first started doing this and was 19. :slight_smile:


I was trying to find the first post because I figured the site’s 10 year anniversary had to be coming up soon. I don’t think the one that it says was actually first given that there wasn’t one introduction to the site. Regardless, it’s incredible how much the program has changed since you started this.


Another walk-on for Michigan


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