The State of UM Basketball


I think it is a real possibility. If DJ improves on a few of his weaknesses he is going to be one the most unique and difficult, to deal with, players in the country.


I do too which would make it a shame for him to leave early and to end up in the d league.


My hunch is that JB and DJ have a plan to showcase DJ’s point forward skills, to some extent, next year, and it will bump his draft stock…


I think so too which I am not as fixated on PG next season. DJ brings brains and skills to the 4 that Beilein hasn’t had at Michigan. With little experience at PG and no Stauskas or Caris on the roster, I’ve got to believe Beilein wheels are turning.


I was very nervous. I no longer am. In fact I’m very bullish on x next year. I’m expecting big things.


He’s shown some promising flashes, including some passes you wouldn’t see dwalt try. Let’s hope he can handle the load.


He’s going to be very very good. He understands angles, change of speed, elite quickness and his vision is elite. I know some will say but in such limited minutes? You can tell someone who gets it like him off a few plays. I’m extremely confident in him now. I hope coach b keeps recruiting athletes to run with him because his open floor game/ fast breaking could be devastating. I really hope we commit to running next year and beyond.


I loved a lot of x’s passing. He’s got some flair with his vision. If he can shoot good enough that his defender has to respect it (33%?) and works on finishing tough shots at the rim he will be plenty good for us. Fortunately those are (relatively) easy things to work on.


Not to mention he’s got a long wingspan 6’4" to compensate for his height, 5’10"-ish.


Man, the leap of faith ppl on this board take is amazing. X is a huge question mark, biggest on the team next to Matthews, another that this board is putting on all B1G teams already.

Probably the same ppl who had Dawkins leaving early for the NBA.


There’s irony in your name and that statement above ha.

But all we can have is faith at the moment. There’s no way of saying X is going to have a good or bad year based on his playing time this year. He showed some great flashes in the middle and end of the year, so the guesses are just hoping that translates over more playing time.

If anyone thinks the fact X didn’t have a great freshmen year (minutes and stats-wise) means he can’t be good next year, then I would recommend looking at Frank Mason’s freshmen year.


I’m one of the ones that strongly believes Simpson and Matthews will both be good players next year. I saw enough of Simpson to be able to say that he will be around middle of the pack big ten pg. 5-7 assists a game is very doable for him. Matthews averaging around 11-13 is what I’m projecting with room to grow as the season goes on.


John, may I ask your connection with Charles Matthews? All of your inside information seems to come from/have to do with him.


I tend to fall on the optimistic side in the offseason (much more fun) and worry my tail off in games.

Positives from x were some excellent passes with timing and vision, quickness, ball handling, he made some shots both deep and at the rim. Negatives are he made some bad passes, committed too many fouls, isn’t very tall by basketball standards, and did not have insanely good shooting percentages. I’m excited for him. I’m not wagering on him being all big ten next year.

Dawkins…ugh. His defense was soooooo bad. I won’t miss him, but he’ll probably have a couple 30 pt games this season where people will pine for him. He just had no clue on d.


I agree. I don’t know if X will surprise us in a good way, but no matter what I think he’ll be “good enough”. I have high hopes and big optimism on CM as well.

Truthfully, to me it’s about the stars being stars. If Moe and DJ come back, I’m more concerned with them elevating their games and being the 1-2 versus how X and CM do.


I don’t think X will for sure fail next year but we NEED 25 mpg from him at least and that’s a gigantic leap considering ppl are having B1G aspirations. He showed glimpses, but that’s a long way from being able to count on him for so many more minutes. Its why I’d like to take Barrett if Bomba doesn’t come.

Matthews is a whole nother thing. I’m not even convinced he’ll start, though I like DRob coming off the bench, so I’m hopeful he’s up for it.


I like X but he’s got HUGE shoes to fill for Walton. I feel more comfortable with replacing Irvin because we’ll have Mathews and Robinson to help there - no doubt a blow but one we can figure out. Walton though…man…the way he played the last 15 games of the year was unreal.

I hope MAAR can pickup a lot of that slack. I think he’ll thrive with having a good team but being “the guy” that needs to put up shots instead of just being passive and letting the game flow run around him.


I know Charles personally. I grew up in champaign IL and would play in Chicago during the summers. Met him through a mutual friend years back. I played basketball with Ray Rice and Verdell Jones and we all have played and hung out quite a bit.


I don’t think it’s tough to extrapolate his potential off those limited glimpses. There are certain things that I feel like one can see based off of even a few glimpses. It’s ok if you are taking a conservative stance on him and have your doubts. I won’t though. I really like what I saw and think he’s going to shock people.

Also I really like Aubrey and am willing to bet he looks great the next two years down there. I have a lot of faith in both.


I’m thinking the floor is about where we finished in the big ten this year (with no early departures) with x and cm being big disappointments. I’m thinking they’ll far exceed that, every year it seems like we have at least one positive developmental surprise. If that comes with dj, moe, Duncan, and MAAR meeting expectations then we’re in business.

I have no idea what to expect from Matthews beyond good defense. I’ve never seen him on the court, but calipari’s recruiting + Beilein’s development + Matthews’s apparent athleticism seems like a good recipe.