The State of UM Basketball


Fwiw, the Michigan player I’ve spoken to in recent days expects both players to be wearing the maze and blue next year.


Not donnal of coarse, but Wilson and Wagner.


What I find funny is these beat writers don’t actually read what was said, or more likely they just add headlines for clicks.

The article never said it’s a foregone conclusion he’s leaving, it just said it seems like a foregone conclusion the way he played. In other words, it’s more of a compliment because he thinks he’s pro material but never said he’s leaving, just that it would seem that way based on how he played and his talent.


Brennan is a Hoosier so maybe he’s just hoping DJ leaves.


Seth Davis has Michigan slotted in at 23. Assumes Mo and DJ stays and Bamba goes to Kentucky. Probably doesn’t have any top secret info.


How is CM doing these days?


He’s in his best place mentally thats he’s ever been IMO. Nothing against coach Calipari, but he did Matthews no favors. Now, it’s not all on Cal as Charles didn’t adjust very well to the competition due to being mentally “softer” than most kids growing up in Chicago. He was told a few things that never came to be after recommitting wasn’t really an option anymore. It’s a very long story so I’ll leave it at that. He’s is in a great place right now and knows his role with this team which has helped him tremendously. The people that are doubting what Matthews can do are going to be pretty surprised this season.

I’ll post the whole story when I’ve got the time.


I think everyone on here would welcome that. We are all anxious to see how he does this year and what his mindset is. Thanks


Whether its caris or moe’s writing open letters, or my interest in this story, or Austin hatch; I love how Michigan men seem better the more we learn about them. Testament to Beilein’ recruiting that we don’t seem to need to hide even personal childish things.


I just have such a hard time taking anything ESPN or anyone from there says seriously anymore.


I find it interesting that the national pundits have UM higher on their boards than the Big Ten Network wonks. Usually is the other way around. Weird.


Michigan a 4 seed in Lunardi’s latest bracket projection. Hopefully we hang onto that spot before the season ends, as we wouldn’t want to be in the cursed 5 vs 12 matchup.


A first/second round site is Detroit! Very nice!


We’re also the highest rated Big 10 team in his bracket. Next is Purdue with a #5, Minnesota with a #6 and Michigan State all the way down to a #7. That’s a bit against the conventional thinking that’s been put out there.


Lol my head is spinning with all of these mock drafts, way-too-early-rankings, and now brackets being put out there…when we literally don’t know if our 2 big men are returning, or if we are signing a 5-star big man, etc.

The national champion was crowned like 16 hours ago lol! I love it


I guess people need to put out content, but it still seems odd that people are doing bracketology and preseason rankings when many rosters are still so uncertain.

MSU, for instance, could keep Bridges and add McCoy and Bowen. Or they could lose Bridges and get neither McCoy nor Bowen.

Duke could lose Kennard and Allen and pick up no additional blue chip recruits. Or they could keep both and get Bamba and Knox. The list goes on.


This stuff always drives me up the wall but if you love hoops you’re glad, if you’re like me, to have something to complain about…


Then he wrote a separate article outlining who he presumed was back/gone. There were probably 15 teams covered in this, and we were not one of them which I guess means he thinks we are a 4 with everyone?

I remember after we lost to UK, he had us as a 1 presuming GR3 and McGary were back. That was a nice thought…


Bridges should go. He’s gonna play himself into the lottery. If he stays he would probably be a top 5 pick though next year.

I keep praying my Suns somehow add a pick or two in this draft. How about Jackson and fox ? Or ball and bridges? Yes please.

I think bridges is gone no matter what they say then Bowen goes there to start at the three. Going to zona makes no sense. Particularly if kobi or trier stays or both. Honestly Randolph looks better in highlights to me then Bowen too.

Michigan st or creighton makes more sense then zona playing time wise. Also where is Jackson playing with ward there? It’s really odd to me how many top fifty kids go into situations with no playing time. I’d rather go to say Clemson or g tech and start. Bring a friend and you got a good team.


Also lol at us being 22 with both bigs back. Obviously the pundits don’t know our roster like us, so they didn’t see the flashes out of x or Mathews as Irvin’s replacement but this roster as is, is top 15 good.

I understand their logic from the outside minus those two but x is gonna be a stud as is Charles. Then add the improvement from moe and dj plus the rest and were silly good.

I pray we adjust our style though. Much more fast breaking and much more post ups/ isos. I wanted to see more of that against Oregon. Moe and dj showed no one can guard them an a ISO post up. I’m not saying we should be Purdue but we should be feeding the post/ high post consistently and letting them work. Particularly with djs vision. Point forward.

Also I bet Mathews would be a tough post up match up. Man am I excited. We are gonna be filthy. Moe will go lottery after this year. He’s gonna destroy defenders. Hopefully we adjust.