The State of UM Basketball


Beilein is going to have to play more than the usual 8. As I see that rotation as not having enough shooters which Poole and Livers can provide. The verdict is still out on Matthews shooting and MAAR although he has become a decent spot up shooter he is not good on the bounce. X will be a question mark regarding creating his own shot.


You think? X showed me enough. He’s crafty as hell to the rim. I also see him as a nightmare on the break. I think he’s going to be special. And that vision/ passing has me excited. I hope Wagner and dj are ready to run. I think both will get a lot of easy bunnies next year. He better get that three ball going though. I’m worried guys will play inside the arc on him trying to prevent his penetration.


With this plane crash thing it seems like coach B has loosened up a little. Maybe he gives some guys a little more run and margin for error.


buckets and sly:

At least Watson’s instinct/attitude is on the right path.


I Know as soon as I saw that I was like he’s going to be fine.


Did y’all know this:


About time. Thanks mark. Wish you the best!


Yeah, it was decided awhile ago. He was honored on Senior Night.


Best of luck to him. I think he’ll make a big impact somewhere. That will make 18(?) (hoping Ricky Doyle comes back strong) guys playing d1 basketball next year who once played for Michigan and have Beilein / Sanderson development.


I hope he plays with confidence. Lots of offense wasted there.


Pretty slow day, nothing relevant to add, but thought I’d say a quick note about X.

Just seeing Frank Mason’s emergence and nabbing some player of the year awards, thought about him being a pretty good comp to X. He played twice as many minutes as X his Freshmen year but their averages and percentages are pretty darn close. He seems like the perfect comp of what we all hope X turns out to be - as in style and player, not saying the next player of the year haha.


If you want to get a taste of next year’s “State of UM Basketball”, LaLu on ESPN2 right now. Jordan Poole with a chase down block and gets T’ed up (a bit unfairly). Anything but passive/quiet, I like this kid.

I also really like Tyger Campbell’s hair


Poole is exactly what we need


2014 Elite 8 team had two starters from the year before and a freshmen point guard. We have kids coming in ready to play. Believe in coach Beilein.


On espn2 their doing a espn feature on Austin hatch’s story


#22 here but horrible, horrible word choices on DJ. Just hedging his guess the way he worded that.


I saw that earlier tonight. The Wilson assessment was interesting. Wondering if he has specific insight or just guessing based on DJ’s “no comment” when asked during the Tournament?

Side note: as of earlier today I still haven’t seen anyone willing to pen Wilson into a first round draft slot this year.


Really strongly seems like a total guess. I would imagine we would’ve heard something from Michigan insiders if he was that string toward leaving.

Plus we all fully expect him to declare without an agent. That’s no foregone conclusion!

Not sure we can respect his opinion now but he thinks highly of Michigan if DJ returns then. A top 15-20 team.


New Ford mock has Mo #25 to the jazz.

I fully get that it only takes one team to make a bet on them, but after that oregon game, i would have thought they both played themselves back into college. Go… look… test waters… see you in November (hopefully)


The underlying article by ESPNs Jeff Borzello assumes both Wilson and Donnal are returning, so it makes you wonder how close these guys pay attention.