The State of UM Basketball


Love it. A few things popped up that worry us all I’m sure. Stopping guys from getting to , then at the rim. Also lots of second chance points/ rebounding. As long as they play with energy they minimize the weaknesses and can mask them but it takes the whole team and playing with intensity.

How many times do you see us tipping the ball around then someone come in and Swat it to safety from the other team? They did it early then not so much on minnys run. As long as they scrap and fight/ hustle for those balls we can minimize the damage done and win these games.

I love this team. I never lost faith they could get it together. I’ve thought we were the top team in the conference for a while and I think their showing it. We’ve out played Wisconsin twice now, let’s do it a third


One thing I wonder about is on offense why do we tighten up so much in the second half and start attacking 1on1? When teams overplay the perimeter like that we have to keep killing them back door like we did early. It helps create that space and it works so well for a team who shoots like us.


No matter what happens today, I just want to say I’ve never been more happy to be wrong.

Even before the plane accident, I thought they’d run out of gas Saturday. I didn’t think with their depth they’d get to Sunday. Heck, you’ve got Zak playing all game against Purdue than coming back with a solid game against Minnesota.

Overall, I also had lost most hope after the OSU loss at home.

The whole team has been incredible during this turnaround and I’ve really enjoyed the ride. Hope they can finish it off with a trophy today or a run next week. Go Blue.


Jim Calhoun did Michigan game in Ann Arbor vs Indiana back in January. He talked about his 2011 UConn team that won 11 straight to end the season. 5 to win Big East tournament; 6 to win NCAA tournament. He said this in reference to how well M played that night and how hard they played on defense, in conjunction with how good they were offensively.
Hope they have enough gas in tank to get it down today.


I’m right there with you. This team looked dead 6 weeks ago. Their turnaround has been amazing to watch. Credit to the coaches and players for rewriting the script. Let’s hope they can keep it going!


Hasn’t just about every team had a game like that?


Absolutely. I’m just saying there was a few game stretch at the beginning of the big ten season where it was more “pull your hair out” than “fun” to watch. Ohio at home, Ill on road, basically all of PSU at home.


Can we just have a game where we shoot 10-20 or 11-22 from 3? I feel we are due for one of those


I don’t know if we have the legs for that. I could see us shoot the lights out next weekend though.


So far, so good. Only problem is Koenig also cant miss. Ace from mgoblog called him “annoyingly clutch” and it’s so accurate.


The State of UM Basketball: just fine, thank you very much!


Where was Austin Davis watching the game from? I never saw him on the bench but he was on the floor celebrating after the game. Maybe Coach Beilein had him in some special Happ watching seat or something.


I like their chances. Beat just like the fab 5 beat Big Country


Teams usually have limited bench spots for tournaments, so red-shirt players sometimes have to sit in the family and friends section. Same with younger managers, etc.


I see him now. He’s in the first row, up in the stands. He’s sitting with Sanderson I believe.


Sooo we are definitely a top 10 team, right? Top 15? We’ve won 12/14 since the OSU loss. In that span, we beat Purdue (2), Wisconsin (2), Minnesota, MSU, OK state, Louisville, and the two losses were the Minny OT/Freddy V loss and the NW miracle. We had the second highest efficiency margin in B1G play (behind Purdue, who we are 2-0 against). We are #19 on kenpom (which includes today’s win), with the #3 offense(!!) and #73 defense (I’ll take it). We are simply a different team since Walton took over and Maverick Morgan said those fateful words. We can beat you from anywhere, with anyone. And JB behind the wheel.

It’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine.


Well, we’re definitely at least top 16, I can tell you that!


i said all year we have elite eight/ final four potential. I was laughed off as crazy or the ultimate homer by many. Even if we don’t make it it’s clear we have that level of talent.


I never would have called you crazy, but I also didn’t have the guts to “publicly endorse” your optimism. But we’ve used the exact formula you prescribed several months ago of using all 5 guys to beat better individuals…the only thing that never materialized was MAAR being a focal point. Maybe we save that for this weekend? :wink:


Recently Beilein mentioned again how he thinks MAAR has another level in him and he expects him to blow up his senior year. Called him an elite athlete. I think most of us are of the opinion that he is what he is at this point, but I hope he’s right!