The State of UM Basketball


Rahk is a weird case. He excels in a low-usage role, but he continually makes high-usage type shots at a high clip but in low quantities. He continually doesn’t assert himself, even though it seems like he would be able to.

I think it’s possible he could have another gear, and that it’s a mental thing mostly, but it’s hard to predict it coming out after not existing for 3 years.


MAar has had some nice games. Hes been a good option many games. We are so balanced each guy after Walton is pretty much equal footing in terms of usage a lot. They all are good for 8-16 points most nights. I’d like to see him attack more but I like his role right now. No need to force things when you have that much help. Work the mismatch and let it come naturally within the offense and off good looks. Efficiency and good d is what we need out of him now. Also he still has a knack for getting a tough basket just when we need one and things are going south. He had some nice late game boards and hustle plays too


Game in and game out, he is our fifth option. I think he has done great for that being his role. He’s become a reliable shooter and is pretty good in transition. He still over dribbles and has a very hard time passing once he drives. Makes him being a 1 or 2 option very unlikely IMO. He has grown a ton on me and I appreciate all that he does for his team. If we have Wagner/Wilson next year, I’m betting they are our 1st and 2nd options so MAAR should still be a pretty good player.


He takes what they give him right now and I like it. He needs to turn his aggression back up. It’s waned throughout the year. Near the end of big ten play he was really playing well and giving us big games. I hope he dials it up again.


Rahk doesn’t take a ton of high-usage shots. For instance, he rarely shoots jumpers off the dribble and when he does it’s usually not a good thing. He’s good at going downhill once he gets a step and also at using footwork to create good looks, but it’s not like he just sets up one-on-one and takes wings off the dribble. And when his downhill drive or pivot doesn’t yield a good shot it’s usually just a kick out to restart the offense. His assists are up slightly but not a ton and I still think he misses a lot of guys on cuts or off the dribble.

In sum, he’s been very good and efficient but hasn’t done much in view to indicate he’s a PG or first option waiting to happen. But he’s been a really, really good complementary players this year after a tough start.


Coach Beilein has said things about MAAR not being a good practice player. I wonder if this carries over into weight lifting. Doesn’t look like he has gotten any bigger in 3 years


You can tell sometimes in-game he gets a little lazy. Lots of kids his age do the same thing. I rememberat one point Beilein talking about certain players needing to be more consistent and bring aggression every day at practice. I’d imagine MAAR was one of the ones he was speaking about.


I guess you guys could be referring to this article. I think lazy is a bit harsh, but he does have a tendency to be passive.


Couldn’t find an obvious thread here to congratulate the Michigan program and it’s fans in this forum on it’s NCAA success. It would be the best case scenario for one or more of the Big Ten’s Sweet 16 teams to reach The Great Eight and Final Four rounds of competition. Michigan might as well be one of them that do.

From that point on the Wolverines might as well go ahead and win it all. Best of luck!



Wouldn’t it just be like this unpredictable college hoops season to see Michigan and Purdue meet in the Elite 8 for a chance to play Wisconsin in the Final 4 :joy:


YostsGhosts -> Sure would.


It would be great for both to make it but I’m not sure I want to face Purdue again. It’s so tough to beat a team three times in a row.


If the game wasn’t in Kansas City, 45 minutes from Lawrence, I might agree. But it is, and I’d probably rather take my chances with PU.


Good point. I forgot where we were playing for a minute. That will be a home game for Kansas.


Haha yeah I’ll take Purdue on a neutral court for game #3 as opposed to Kansas in a virtual home game all day!


Side benefit to Sunday’s win:
An extra week of full team practice time for Teske/Davis/Matthews/Simpson/Watson. The more time they can get in skill/system development around the full team, the better, especially Simpson & Matthews as they prepare to replace multi-year starters. I


*extra 2 weeks


Great article by Moe in The Players Tribune:

He’s hilarious and this team is awesome to root for. So many great personalities and they have such great chemistry it sounds like from everyone.


a very good read. Moe is quite a writer.