The State of UM Basketball


6-25 from deep and 13 turns… and win!!


I’m a victim of power outage in Michigan.
Unable to watch or record either game.
I guess it’s better than Final Four power outage


Congrats on the win over Purdue! That one helps going into the NCAAs


Keep in mind, the major media bracketologists aren’t seeding based on THEIR opinions of teams ---- they are seeding based on their opinions of how the committee views each team. And Committee still uses RPI as a major factor — at least for this season.


My biggest take away from this game is that yes we can compete with anyone on any given night, but why is it that it seems many of the players have such huge peaks and valley in regards to emotion and success from one game to the next? It seems to me that some are thinking too much and just not taking advantage of their given skill set night in and night out.

I still say an offense that has a guy like DJ Wilson, MAAR and Irvin/Robinson standing still more often than not can be improved upon no matter what the efficiency numbers say.

As for the defense, not sure if it was the “white collar” comments but whatever it was I am happy they all seem to be putting forth their best effort more often than not. And who would have thought that this team would prefer a game with more physicality?


Lots of it is based on match ups. Against a bad defense like Illinois, the starters share the wealth. Against a great defense like Purdue has, they find the more advantageous matchup and try to exploit it offensively. That happened to be Wagner shooting it from deep and taking Haas/Swanigan off the dribble in the first game, followed by Wilson having his day yesterday. The team stalling yesterday at times was frustrating though, I think the Purdue defense combined with weary legs led to some of that stagnation. They made enough plays to win though.


understood, and will move the dialogue on this to the Bracket thread, but overall I think the RPI/what less informed analytics will unveil and the predictive analytics/recent per possession performance view will align at a 6 if we win Minn (who has a 6 pretty well locked down) today.

If the B1G gets no one above a 5, will be crazy to see the conf owning so much of the 5/6/7 lines. Will be some 3s and 4s who aren’t comfortable.


Seems that the buzz word of the week for the UM team is “connected.” Have been hearing that from Beilein and the players, especially about defense.


I do think tired legs played a part. They missed a lot of clean look threes. Hit their season average and they would have had a comfortable win.


We were saving the makes for today.


I’m hoping that’s the case.


Have to laugh - who was the guy on here last year who I got into a huge debate with about Duncan, and his claim Duncan couldn’t shoot the three in the Big Ten? Second highest 3-point percentage in conference (42.9%) this year. LOL.


But will Duncan’s scholarship be used again next year? LOL his slump clearly showed he can’t shoot at this level remember?


Man, has this team been fun to watch over the past 12 games or so. We’re really playing well. Kinda disappointing that all the vocal critics when things aren’t going well disappear when they are.


I think they have been fun to watch all year.


Any thoughts on who we want between Wisconsin and NW? I think I want NW to get revenge from the fullcourt pass and I don’t feel like dealing with Happ again. But then again a win against Wisconsin might be more valuable.


I want Northwestern. I feel like it’s a better matchup for us and after avenging the MN loss it’d be nice to get some payback there as well.


Looks like we are getting Wisconsin, but I would’ve wanted NW mostly to even out the fatigue.


Ohio at home was the complete opposite of fun to watch.


We’ve got to win tomorrow. This team has played like the Big Ten’s best team over the past 6 weeks. It’s time to lift a trophy for it. If we had fresh legs I’d feel really confident, but what do we have left in the tank?