The Players Trunk on Shark Tank

Fun opportunity for Charles Matthews, Zavier Simpson and a couple of former Michigan managers:

This Friday evening, co-founders and former Managers, Jason Lansing and Austin Pomerantz, along with fellow co-founders Charles Matthews and Zavier Simpson will have their company, The Players Trunk, make an investment pitch in front of the Shark Tank airing on ABC at 8:00p ET on Friday, May 20th.

For those not familiar with the show, companies like The Players Trunk, present to a group of potential investors looking for an investment in their company. Tune in to see the guy’s presentation as this is truly a special moment for these guys who have worked hard on growing their business these past couple of years!


I can finally get my wife to care about something related to Michigan basketball! She did not enjoy the comprehensive analysis of the culpability of Wisconsin and Michigan and she has had enough of my explanations about Michigan’s transfer policies.


Wording is a little confusing here, do we know if Matthews and Simpson will be appearing on the show? Or just their partners?

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So I like to read up on Shark Tank products after I see them on air at Just went to see if they had a blurb about The Players Trunk and saw this line when discussing each founder:

Charles Matthews first played basketball for Kentucky then transferred to Michigan. He then signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers and now plays for the Maine Celtics, a G league team owned by the Boston Celtics.”

The Kentucky Transfer is alive and well!


this is very exciting. Shark Tank is my favorite show


Same. I had a college friend pitch on the show about 8 years ago (she didn’t accept a lowball Mr. Wonderful offer and walked away without a shark investment) so I watched it and have been hooked since.

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my Shark power rankings:

  1. Kevin (the GOAT)
  2. Rohan (should be permanent)
  3. Barbara (sassy, least amount of money so her investments are careful)
  4. Robert (fun and Croatian like me)
  5. Daniel (should be permanent)
  6. Emma (good Lori replacement candidate IMO)
  7. Daymond (best voice against the producers who cast $25m companies instead of little guys)
  8. Mark (everyone wants his deal, imbalances the show)
  9. Lori (awful, time to go)
  10. Other Guests (no standouts)

What a strangely precise connecting inner circles of the venn diagram life moment for you


all we need is guest shark Gordon Ramsay to complete the trinity


It sounds like Matthews will be on the show, not Zavier Simpson though. It was filmed in September

  1. Greg Gard
  2. Tom Izzo
  3. Kevin O’Leary
  4. Brad Underwood

Thoughts @BigBoutros ?

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I might have spoiled the episode for him since he’s west coast. Sorry BB

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I think Mr Wonderful was over the line there but I’m if Charles Matthews I’d don’t burn that bridge with a prominent investor even if he isn’t investing in their company.

Interesting segment. I can totally understand not giving up that much of their company but damn an NBA owner and A list celeb are offering to invest. Heck CM is chasing NBA dreams too, not that there’s quid pro quo, but maybe Cuban gives him visibility there too. Very tough to turn that down. NIL is exploding/going to explode but like Mr Wonderful pointed out, they are basically logistics and infrastructure. They are an early mover so they have an advantage but they can be passed by a well organized deep pocketed company. Cuban and Hart would have given them a nice leg up.


What was the deal they were offered?

didn’t watch live, I will report back on Monday

30% of the company for $650,000

Difference in valuation there is pretty massive

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Yeah they’re overestimating the worth of their company I think