The official who do you like 2019-20 picks thread

I agree but I’m not sure how i feel about zaga. Plus buzz can really coach.

I got in on a halftime spread of -20.5 for our game. Thought it was too good to pass up.

Edit: 8 minutes left… Maybe I should’ve passed it up.


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Vermont getting 15 seems high versus Virginia, The style of play that Virginia uses doesn’t lend it self to blow outs I feel like unless that completely lock a team down.

I actually think Vermont could do well against Virginia’s d. Vermont plays solid d and usually takes care of the ball/ gets good looks. If any player in the country can attack Virginia’s d and consistently kill you from mid range on pull ups it’s anthony lamb. Am I crazy? Is it a set up?

Also i respect Radford as a mid major and think they’re good but I think northwestern is being underrated here due to that brutal opening loss. The line has moved .5 counter here but I’m not sure that’s accurate. Thinking of buying it to five and playing northwestern. What do you guys think?

Also any opinions on Nevada getting nine at Davidson? To me it seems clear Davidson is fairly overrated. Now Nevada isn’t great either but they’ve played a tough schedule and they don’t look like they have totally fallen apart after graduating all that talent/ Brown transferring.

I think Davidson will win but by five or six.

Also I’m leaning New Mexico getting 2.5 on the road at utep. Utep looks solid but New Mexico can really score. New Mexico led by ex buckeye Jaquan Lyle who’s balling and somehow Carlton Bragg jr from Kansas has eligibility still. I remember him playing for Kansas as a frosh and possibly a sophomore too and I feel like that was back in 2013. Not sure how he is still around. Looks like his career is on track though,

Wow, this Virginia Vermont game is absolutely horrendous. 24-18 at half. Vermont goes up 7-0 in the first two or three minutes. Scores 11 points over the next 17 minutes.

Lamb is being locked down. Diakkte is doing a great job but lamb is making it too easy on him.

Memphis -15 against Little Rock? I understand that the loss of Wiseman is a pretty significant hit, but they’ve got talent up and down that roster. Outside the Oregon loss, they’ve won their three other games by 33 points or more.

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I’d actually take Little Rock. I don’t think Memphis is very good. Little Rock beat Missouri st who is most likely the best team in a traditionally good mid major conference. That could go either way. If you feel strongly about it , go with your gut. You might have a better read on Memphis then me.

Want to hear some shit. Last night watching the play by play, New Mexico-utep it told me the final was 65-64. I was getting two and went to sleep thinking I covered, I woke up realized I lost 12 dollars yesterday as opposed to making 40. I was like huh? Went and looked and they lost by three on two ft with one second left.

What’s strange is if you look at the play by play it shows it 67-64 but then the end score 65-64 still. I’m pretty bitter. Thought I went 4-2 instead went 3-3 and lost money on the vigs.

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I’m looking at that Memphis game. You might be right they have spanked everyone. Little Rock is better than those other mid majors though. Oregon is looking tough too so losing to them in a close game is no slight

Did you take my advice and pass or did you play Memphis?

I should have posted yesterday. I went 6-2


Missouri st +7 two units
New Mexico plus 4 one unit
Wisconsin Green Bay +18.5 ( thank god I bet the half )
Uc Irvine +11 ( I think it was eleven)
Tenn tech ( getting like 15 if I recall way too much and they won out right)
Coastal Carolina getting 5


Buffalo +4
Texas -6 ( two units)

Pretty shocked Texas lost , I thought they’d kill g town.

Any plays today folks?

Florida has been so bad it’s tempting to play Miami. Is blackshear out? I had Florida as a final 4 team but they stink right now.

I ended up taking Memphis. That game was a complete turnover fest in the first half that really killed their chance at covering. I’m thinking about taking Oregon (-7) against Houston tonight. I watched their game against Memphis and thought they played the fast paced game really well.

Oregon is very very good. I faded them twice and got burned badly. First I took Boise st, plus 15 or something? I thought Oregon came in overhyped and was reading about how Boise was much better than their record indicated last year. Some advanced metrics indicated they were the most unlucky team in d one last year ect. Returning their best player who was in an nba prospect, turns out none of that mattered.

Then I took ut Arlington plus 15.5 and got burned. They kept it close for a bit eAch half but then Oregon pulled away. Two days later Arlington plays zags plus 23. I wanted to run Arlington back but was too scared. They covered easily. Maybe Oregon is better than Gonzaga?

What’s interesting is I thought Houston might be the play there. You chose two Games to post here that I was eyeing the other way. I would support Oregon more than you Memphis pick though as Oregon showed me they are for real. I still like Houston’s squad though and I respect Sampson’s coaching ability, I’d have to dig deeper on Houston. I think they had some so so Games already made

For some reason I thought Houston was either home or it was a neutral court game. Giving 7 at home with how Oregon has looked and how Houston has looked is less scary. I’d still personally stay away but trust your gut here.

Hit Yale , lost Bonnie’s. Chickened out on DePaul play which would have been a winner.

What is everyone’s thought on Purdue laying 20. They covering?

I was to chicken to lay the 20. Stupid me.

Xavier-Florida . Any thoughts? Is Florida waking up?

VaTech +14.


I was with you playa.

I also hit Dayton for four units.

Lost northeastern got one

I’m on Kent st +17

Nevada -2 two units

Butter +1

Let’s hope the good vibes keep rolling.

And Kent st somehow blows it. 15-0 run

Any games anyone is eyeing? I hit Yale earlier but let the .5 counter line movement scare me a little. I only put 35 on it , when I was originally going 50-75 cause I couldn’t figure out why it moved like that. I thought it was a lock so when I saw that I wondered if I was walking into a trap. It was a lock.