The official who do you like 2019-20 picks thread

Although they are missing one of their key players for the foreseeable future and they are playing one of my favorite college players who is from my home town (Jalen Pickett) who is an absolute beast I still like st. Bonaventure minus one on the road at Siena.

Totally sketchy line and normally you gotta roll with the small home dog there but I’m going against my usual logic and taking the short handed Bonnie’s still. They lost by just two to Vermont. I think they can get in the win column here.

What is everybody’s thoughts on Oregon-3.5 vs Memphis and Murray st +12.5 vs Tennessee?

Any other games jump out at anybody tomorrow?

I’ve been destroyed by underwhelming Big 10 results so far. I need a couple good weeks of watching games to get a better feeling for this season.

If Wiseman is playing, I love Memphis +3.5

Oregon’s defensive system against a team of mostly freshmen would really worry me about taking Memphis. Don’t think I’d take Oregon either, though.

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Yea ,i think I’m passing on that one. So far I got the bonnies up for two units.

Any thoughts on Murray st getting 12.5?

Miami -2 vs ucf? Any thoughts?

At first (mis)read I thought you were asking who our favorite ref was.


I was, still waiting for your answer.


Anyone who isn’t Ted Valentine

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Was really hoping this was closer to the KenPom of MSU -4 but the Powell injury killed that. 7.5 is a very big number on the road. I still think it is a spot where MSU wins comfortably but covering 7.5 on the road might be tough.

Gramatically, you can’t have “love” and “MSU to win” in the same sentence …


Yeah, that’s a bit. . . promiscuous.

A line where there might be some value is Northwestern at home vs Providence… However I don’t know if the value is in Providence -9 or Northwestern +9

I could never bring myself to bet on Northwestern given their start but the number feels too big.

After Murray st and Purdue the last two nights. I’m going to sit out for a while.

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MSU -6
Cincinnati -35

Don’t know what to make of Penn State being a pick em on the road at Georgetown.

Just looked into that Cincinnati game… jeez. Talk about an anchor on the resume. Alabama A&M has 10 wins the last 3 seasons combined and is routinely in the bottom 10 of Kenpom.

so I kind of lied about sitting out. if i can get an update on aiken, I think siena plus 11.5 would be very enticing if he was not able to go. in fact they could possibly win that game.


After getting into an argument with my gf I missed the tip off of Siena -Harvard and Winthrop -East Tennessee st by ten minutes.

Of course I would have covered easily on both of them. My plan was to hit Siena ( if Aiken was out) for five units and Winthrop for 3. I was pretty bitter.

Anyways. Missouri st +13.5 at Xavier? I actually really like Xavier this year and think they are a dark horse final 4 team if they get it together and play smart/disciplined. Very nice Size and talent. That being said miss st is the preseason pick to win one of the toughest mid major conferences and have legit talent. As long as they don’t wet the bed 14 is a lot of points.

What do you think fellas? What’s your play fir the day?

Also was considering going against a trap here on West Virginia-Pitt. West va-2 at Pitt. Small home dogs are more often money than not in my experience, so that scares me. I just think west va is ready for a nice bounce back year and should make the tourney imo.

Any thoughts Dylan? I don’t know much about Pitt this year besides they have the frosh from my hometown. Didn’t see them much last year either, just that they were really mad,

Gonzaga -8 at Texas A&M is tempting me…no Starks for A&M and this could be the Admon Gilder homecoming game