TBT Open Thread 2020

Has anyone been watching the TBT this year?

I’ve never followed it particularly closely but given the lack of much else to keep tabs on, I’ve been watching a bit more.

Plenty of former Big Ten players who are excelling in the tournament. Andrew Dakich’s Big X team was led by Nick Ward in the opener and plays a Dayton Alumni team today. Carmen’s Crew (Craft, Lighty, Buford, Thomas, etc.) plays against an Illinois Alumni group with Malcolm Hill, Andres Feliz and Mike Daum.


Not sure why Daum is on Illinois but he was a killer in the game I watched.

Also, Dylan, surprised with your Elam Ending stance. I think it’s a fun alternative to regular hoops. Would never want it in college or NBA but find it entertaining in the NBA All-star game and in the TBT

I’m curious about the Elam Ending myself.

Yeah, I guess it is fun for an exhibition type of game. Just would never say it is a better ending to a basketball game. Maybe I’m a basketball traditionalist :rofl:


Buzzer beaters >>>>> Free throw to hit the specified point total


How often do buzzer beaters happen? Not enough to justify the awful foul fest that is now the end of every close game. Elam ending is the best

I was mostly being tongue in cheek haha. I agree that the stilted nature of many fouls at the end of close games is a bummer. But I wouldn’t want to go to all Elam Ending games as the solution.


CJ Jackson looks really good out there

With all due respect to Puma, those Big X uniforms are ugly AF. Awful colors.

Oh, I guess Puma did the Red Scare jerseys too. Those are better.

Wow Dakich is actually out there. I didn’t see him play at all in the first game

He said in the pregame interview that he subbed himself out at halftime because he had to do what was best for the team.

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I think That’s why he left Michigan too


Yea he started the first game and was not bringing anything to the table. In his defense, that looked like a charge just there w/ 8 seconds left in the quarter

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But it was best for the team to put himself back in today? :rofl:

Dakich drops a handoff from Ward and it becomes a layup on the other end

I gotta lay off him, I just can’t help myself with him :sweat_smile:

He’s still one of the more helpful walk-ons Michigan has ever had. He was never supposed to be called upon like he was.

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I wonder why Teske and X didn’t jump on a team? They could use the exposure.

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X would certainly be an upgrade over CJ Jackson for Big X.

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Dakich is a -8 in 9 minutes in this game.