Summer Practice


I agree not a lot of guys who can break someone down outside of z although eli has potential at hunting his shot but he has to actually finish or hit his pull ups. They’re going to have to find other ways to score.

I hope they emphasize fast breaking a bit more along with some post ups for say Colin and livers. Fast breaks are one area I think we could create some easy levels old with our roster.

I also think our three ball shooting will surprise some this year. Z breaking guys down and kicking out will be huge and I think eli, johns , and teske will be all be improved and shoot with confidence.

Johns could be a sleeper on a number of frontside we really need his skill set from high school to shine through. He could end up being a tough match up for defenders and create offense if he realizes his potential we saw in aau/ high school.

I hope so, I was worried he would have no chance to be ready but he looks awfully smooth.

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I am counting on Franz coming, but if Cole is able to create, he will push for significant minutes down the stretch.

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With Franz coming, the shooting on the wing should not be a big concern, I think that X and Teske should improve as well. But someone has to step up when X is off the court, and I hope that it is Eli. I believe that Johns will benefit a lot under Juwan’s coaching, but feel that he is still a year away from fully unlocking his potential.

I would still say wing shooting is still a question mark, but less of one. I’m confident in Livers and Franz to be good spot up guys. Still need a guy at the 4 to be a threat there another guy at the 2 to be a good shooting team.

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Castleton flashed some skills as a straight line driver last season. Literally one clip but man, tantalizing. Just seems like a kid comfortable playing basketball.

X also looks like he’s getting his elbow under his shot a lot better. That would be huge. Can’t teach everybody to be 40% from 3 but 33% isn’t asking that much.

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…I’m a little too pumped watching 3 min of video.


My original thought was that Cole would get spot minutes behind Poole. Of course that’s not happening now, so I think Eli will start early with pressure from Cole and Franz, if Franz comes :pray:. By B1G season unless Eli plays REALLY well, I expect either Cole or Franz, if he comes :pray:to start. I still think Eli will have a very good year and get a lot of minutes, but these two guys may be too good to keep off the floor.

I also think Franz is a natural forward, so he could play a lot of minutes at the three, with Isaiah playing the four. Of course that scenario depends on how Brandon Johns plays. With Franz, and with Cole being the offensive force with the ability he has to shoot threes, we’d have a lot of versatility.

Also with Cole and Franz, Isaiah and Brandon Johns we’d certainly have length, too.

I think it’s going to be so much fun to see who emerges and how Juwan manages the roster and moves the chess pieces.


Ah, yes…Summer is a glorious time in hoops, where hope springs eternal. It’s fun to imagine a line-up of X, Bajema, Franz, Livers and Teske dropping on fools… with Castleton, DDJ/Johns/Brooks scrapping for a legit 8-9 rotation :wink:


I’m confused as to why anyone thinks Eli will have a very good year. I like the kid, but he’s never shown the ability to be a starting 2 in the B1G. I think Franz starts over him from day one if he comes.

If we roll out X and Brooks at 1 and 2, it’s trouble. It’s way less than ideal to have a backcourt of two 6 footers.

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Cole will be our tyler herro. He will be in the nba before his senior year.

There are many examples of kids in the Beilein era being major contributors after showing less than Eli has.

Now, we’re no longer in the Beilein era, so it remains to be seen whether this trend will continue, but we’ll have to see.

With Eli in particular, it seems his issue is confidence, so it feels like something that could be easily fixed.


No, there isn’t. Eli has shot 35% and averaged 2.2 ppg in his first two years. Name one other 2 that ever did that and then blew up to be a very good starter.

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But with Eli’s physical profile as well? Off the top of my head the only guy who had done less than Eli after two years then broke out was DJ, and he had obviously impressive physical tools.

To me all he really has to do to become somewhat decent is shoot threes well. He’s already fine on defense. He obviously hasn’t shot well so far on a small sample, but that’s something that can randomly just click sometimes. Is it likely? I don’t know, probably not that likely. But it’s not difficult to see it potentially happening either.


I guess we’ll wait to see, but I truly believe a young man who was a prolific scorer in high school, who averaged 30 points a game and was, literally, a cult figure in his hometown and for miles around has the ability to score the basketball in college.

Yes, as has been mentioned, I believe it is a confidence problem with Eli. I am hoping Juwan’s system will allow Eli, and all of our players, to play a bit more freely, not quite as tight, and with great confidence. I certainly think that will benefit Eli. But that remains to be seen.

If Franz comes, and if the coaching staff plays him primarily at the two, or at the three he will undoubtedly get a lot of minutes. I would hope Juwan’s system will be less intricate, less complicated than that of Coach B so the young man might be able to play both the two or the three, but I DO think he is a natural three.

I also think Cole Bajema will push for minutes. He is an outstanding three point shooter with what seems to be a high basketball IQ. Eli will have to play well to fend off those competitors for the starting job at the two. We’ll see what happens. But I do know this, whether Eli starts or comes off the bench I expect him to play well, and I expect him to be a great team player! I don’t think we can ask for more.


Outside of Simpson and Teske and exactly one game from Johns, no one on the roster has shown enough to predict a big step up this year. Eli played good defense, got some assists, didn’t look lost on the floor… and showed some lack of confidence in his shot. I am not saying he will suddenly score a lot of points, but he will get the chance to try. The rest of the roster did not demonstrate as much proficiency as Eli did with the non shooting parts of the game.

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The problem is D1 is littered with kids who averaged 30 a game and were high school stars against lesser competition. Some of those kids end up continuing on that path, and some are relegated to be 8th-9th men or even wash out. I don’t think Eli is going to have a lightbulb moment and start scoring 15 points a game, but if he could hit a three a game with a floater or two mixed in, he’d be a great sub. He can definitely stick OK on defense, so if he can ever get the confidence to take and make a couple buckets a game, it would be tremendous for this team.


I DO believe Eli will start early, but what do I know. I thought Isaiah would start last year early, and that didn’t happen. So, it’s all conjecture, I guess. We’ll see.