Subscription sale

For today only, we are offering 20% off of an annual subscription with the promo code FINALFOUR.

Sign up here:

And also a big thanks to everyone who has been supporting the site since we started with this model. We honestly wouldn’t have been able to cover the team through this run without you guys.


Awesome. Is there something I have to do to cancel my monthly or will it all take care of itself?

If you are signed up through Patreon, you have to cancel through Patreon and then sign up for the new annual sub through UM Hoops. Because of how data is synced, it works best if you signup through UM Hoops with a different email (I know that is a pain).

If you just have a normal monthly subscription that is managed through UM Hoops, then you should be able to just switch it.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Hey Dylan,

I cancelled my sub on patreon and then signed up through the link above.

I got a error message after submitting my payment:
IMPORTANT: Something went wrong during membership creation. Your credit card was charged, but we couldn’t assign your membership. You should not submit this form again. Please contact the site owner to fix this issue.

Just sent you an email. There’s an issue if you have Patreon and try to create an annual account while logged in with same email.

Can I keep my same acct on the forums and the main site if I make the switch and cancel on Patreon (re: your comment about having to use a new email)?

If you guys want to switch from Patreon to Annual shoot me a message on here or via email.

Dylan, start a travel pool for the FF…I’m sure some of us will kick in!

You guys deserve it!


I missed this, but honestly, I’m glad to overpay for the monthly.

It’s worth the money.

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Running another subscription promo this week for the Final Four. Use promo code ALAMO and get 3 months for price of 2. Get access to all of our preview content this week.

I am logged in but rarely can I read subscribers only posts without continuously refreshing and logging in and out. anyone else having this issue? incredibly frustrating.

Hey @romeowolv. Are you logging in with Patreon every time or did you set a new password at UMHoops with your email?

Dylan, is there a mechanism to donate without subscribing? I want to support the site but don’t actually care that much about all the recruiting details and other Patreon stuff.

I get access with my tablet and laptop, but I can’t get signed in with my phone. I gave up trying.

@Champions are you signed up through Patreon or the main site? What do you see when you sign in on your phone?

What is the preferred way? I never have to “re log-in” to post to the forums, just when I read articles.
To read articles, I usually log in with Patreon, then hit refresh multiple times or try to navigate between stuff till it works.

If you reset your password on UM Hoops (Lost Password | UM using whatever email you signed up for Patreon with, you can then just login directly with that info (email and new password). Meaning, don’t use ‘login with Patreon’ on the website in the future. Then it won’t try to re-grab your Patreon pledge info each time.

DM me on here if you have issues and I can get you setup if you need more help.

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We don’t have anything setup, but the easiest would probably be to just do the annual subscription even if you never login :slight_smile:

My question to you would be what could we offer as subscriber content that would make you want to sign up considering that you’d already want to give money for, in effect, nothing?


Dylan does some good detailed tape/stats breakdowns of opponents/recruits that are Patreon-only. So you might be interested in those.

Hey, I like what you do and I want to make sure you keep doing it. I have given money in the past, but not since you went to the Patreon thing. I don’t like subscriptions.

Maybe you could have a UM Hoops store where I could buy a t-shirt at inflated prices. That would be win-win in a perverted way.