Subscription sale


I gotta sign up soon I’ve been mooching/ using this site for years and i too love/ respect what you do / put out . I know it’s probably listed on there when you click on it but what’s the patreon give you versus the subscription ?


Damn to subscribe is just 4 a month? I’ll be signing up next week when I get paid. Too good of a deal not to do it. Plus I feel grimy just using your site and forum while contributing nothing to your pockets for all your time and effort. Thanks for all the years of entertainment and keeping my mind occupied when I’m bored .

Love college hoops more than any other sport and you help past the time and provide tons of great info I’d never see otherwise. For years all I had for recruiting and the off season was espn and constantly hitting update while reading out of date interests / offers.

This site and those who use it have been a wealth of information and great conversation among those who actually know the team and share the same love . Time to repay the man who made it all possible. Signing up next Thursday for the year.


I jumped on at a good time. The Montana breakdown is what drew me over the line from moocher and forum idiot to patron…and forum idiot.


One minor inconvenience for me is going back to start after being promoted to log in for subscriber content.

For example if I want to go back and read something on Colin Castleton it might take me 4 levels in to reach post I want to read. After logging in I have to retrace my steps to get back to post.


So if you don’t like subscriptions best options would be to buy a quarterly and cancel if you want to contribute $10 or buy an annual and cancel if you want to contribute $40. Sorry we don’t have something else setup.


Resetting our password will port the Patreon information? So if I do that (reset my password) I should stop getting the ‘log in with Patreon’ Thing?



Once you have logged in with Patreon once, then you can reset your password on UM Hoops (the main site). From there, you can login with your email and the new password directly (without 'logging in with Patreon) and sign straight in without the round trip to Patreon.


Thank you!