Submit your over/under props for 2020-21!

It is officially time to submit your over/under props for the 2020-21 season.

You submit your over/under prop and set the number and I go through and give my best guess. When I publish the article everyone can vote with their opinion and we can look back after the season and see where we went wrong.

Note: Whenever possible, try to stick to rates, percentages and per-game statistics because it is still impossible to guess how many games end up being played in 2020-21.

Here’s a look back at last year’s results if you are looking for inspiration.

Second Note: In an April COVID-lockdown depression, I never finished the “revisiting” post this year. Apologies but we are moving forward.

Submit your over/under props in this thread and I’ll post by predictions in the coming days.

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Over/under, number of college basketball seasons completed: 0.5


Over/under schedule release date: 11/18/20 (one week before the season starts)

Over/Under Mike Smith MPG: 20

Over/under player with the highest assist rate on the team: 25%

Over/Under Austin Davis minutes played per game: 14.5 minutes

Over/under Brandon Johns minutes per game at the five: 10 minutes


Over/Under Juwan doing the Cabbage Patch on camera: 1.5 times.


Over under additions to the 2021 class: 0.5


5.5 min played by Zeb Jackson
30.5 avg points per game for Livers + Wagner
39.5% 3pt for Wagner
57% 2pt FG% for Wagner
35% 3pt for Nunez
4.5 assists per game for Michigan’s leader
6.5 rebounds per game for Michigan’s leader
35% of games started by Austin Davis
109.5 for Dickinson’s O-Rating
27.5 min per game for Chaundee Brown
18.5 points per game + RPG + APG + steals per game for Eli Brooks

Not strictly about the season on the court but…
Over/under 1.5 transfers out of the program
Over/under 0.5 seniors taking the extra year of eligibility

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My favorite UMhoops feature every year.

O/U: 0.5 players drafted in the 2021 NBA draft

O/U: 22.5 minutes per game for Hunter Dickinson in conference play

O/U: 1.5 freshmen with double digit minutes per game in conference play

O/U: 5.5th place finish in the Big Ten

O/U 30 MPG for freshman

Over/Under: Brandon Johns PPG (7.2)
Over/Under: Mike Smith PPG (12)

Over/Under: games played Nunez 66%, Williams 50%


Eli Brooks usage rate O/U 20%
Franz Wagner assists per game O/U 2.5
Brandon Johns minutes per game O/U 19.5 (last year’s amount)
Chaundee Brown, 3-point attempt rate O/U 40%
Hunter Dickinson 3-point field goal percentage O/U 32%
Isaiah Livers O/U 14 PPG
Isaiah Livers free throw attempts per game O/U 2.5
Franz Wagner O/U 20.5 pick in the 1st round of next year’s NBA draft

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O/U: 2.5 2022 commitments from IMG players


O/U Brooks minutes per game as a PG = 16.5
(i.e. neither Smith or Jackson are sharing the floor with him)

O/U % of total games started…

  • Smith = 65%
  • Davis = 50%
  • Dickinson = 50%
  • Brown = 70%
  • Johns = 10%
    (i.e. if we play a 20-game season and Davis starts 11 games you get the Over for him and the under for Dickinson)

O/U number of players who average double figures points per game = 4
(Last year this was 5, the two previous years it was 3)

O/U number of players who average >15 minutes per game = 6.5
(Last year this was 7, the two previous years it was 6)

O/U number of rotation players who average >37% 3pt% = 2
(Last year was 1, year before was 2, two years before was 4)

O/U .5 B1G 1st team members on Michigan this season