Submit your over/under props for 2019-20!

It is officially time to submit your over/under props for the 2019-20 season.

You submit your over/under prop and set the number and I go through and give my best guess. When I publish the article everyone can vote with their opinion and we can look back in April and figure out where we went wrong.

Here’s a look back at last year’s results if you are looking for inspiration.

Submit your over/under props in this thread and we’ll tackle them all first thing next week.

O/U 1 top 25 recruit for 2020 landed by Howard and staff.

O/U starts for Livers at PF - 10

O/U NCAA tournament seed - 7.5

Not really a traditional o/u. Let’s say under is seeds 1-7, over is 8 through no selection.

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Over/under Franz Wagner PPG: 9.5


O/U B1G conference wins - 12

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I got a couple O/Us for Zavier Simpson

Hook Shots made at 25

Three Pointers made at 35

O/U Big Ten coaches fired - 0.5

Over under Technical Fouls: 6

Over under Simpson dunks: 0.5

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O/U +15 combined point differential for Michigan State over Michigan in their 2 regular season matchups.

O/U 34% 3 pt shooting for Zavier.

O/U 120 3 pt attempts for Zavier

O/U different starting lineups throughout the season: 5

Simpson FT % – o/u 70%

Team FT % – o/u 72%

O/U - 0.5 former Michigan players in the NBA that get selected to an all star team.

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Over Under Neutral Court Wins: 4

O/U % of defensive possessions in zone: 12.5%

Team 3PT % -o/u 35%
Franz Wagner PPG -o/u 10 ppg
Brandon Johns MPG -o/u 15 mpg

O/U 1.5 first or second team All-B1G selections for Michigan

O/U - 4.5 weeks spent ranked in the AP Poll

O/U - 19.5 as the highest ranking this team receives at any point during the season. Over being 20 or more, under being 19th or better

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