Submit your over/under props for 2019-20!

More wins MSU or Cleveland Cavs?

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O/U turnovers per game - 10
O/U offensive rebounds per game - 16

Simpson: 37.5% Assist Rate
Brooks: 35% 3pt
Livers: 41% 3pt
Teske: 21.5% Defensive rebounding rate
Wagner: 60% true shooting

Man how come everything last year resulted in “over” until “championships won” :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks a lot Cassius Winston and Chris Beard

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4: Iso post ups/game

Need a few more here…

0.5 Technical fouls for Juwan Howard

0.5 Autobenches by Juwan for a guy with 2 fouls in the first half

First place big ten team over under conference wins 15.5
Last place big ten team over under conference wins 2.5

100 3 pt attempts for Teske
30% 3 pt percentage from Teske

Total minutes for Bajema minus total minutes from Nunez plus or minus 0?

Over/Under 29 Big Ten wins for the state of Michigan.

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O/U 10.5 in AdjD

O/U 29.5 in AdjO

O/U - 10.5 FGA per game for Zavier Simpson

O/U - 1.5 players on the team shoot 40% or better from three

O/U - 0.5 triple doubles by a Michigan player this season

O/U - 2.5 postseason tournament wins (conference tournament + NCAA tournament combined)

O/U - 8.5 players getting regular rotation minutes in conference play

O/U - 1.5 rivalry wins against MSU & OSU combined

O/U - 2.5 minutes per game with Castleton and Teske on the floor together

O/U - 3.5 left handed hook shots made by Zavier Simpson

O/U - 5.5 players with 10 or more made threes on the season

O/U - 300.5 assists on the season for Zavier Simpson (needs 301 for the all-time Michigan record)

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That feels too low. Set it at 1.5 or 2 I think.

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Beilein had 2 last year and they came in the same game

Maybe the better question is O/U .5 ejections for Howard lololol

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I could only find stats back to 96-97, but Juwan had 64 techs from that season until the end of his career

End of season record seems like a easy over/under to use.

I’ll set the total wins at 20.5 and conference wins at 12.5.