Statement from John Beilein on transfer restrictions

Beilein just released a statement on the transfers.

U-M Head Coach John Beilein
"After initially granting a transfer release for Ricky (Doyle) and a fifth-year graduate transfer for Spike (Albrecht) consistent with the established norms regarding intraconference transfers, I am now removing all restrictions regarding their recruitment by other universities.

"While I have concerns about the current transfer policies as well as potential effects to the landscape of collegiate athletics, we should do what is right for Ricky and Spike as they decide to further their education and basketball careers elsewhere.

“Ricky is an exemplary young man and has done everything we’ve asked of him. I applaud Spike on his upcoming graduation from Michigan and for continuing his diligent work to rehab his injuries. We do more than wish them well; we will assist and support them in the decision-making process.”

• Spike Albrecht will graduate this May from U-M with a general studies degree. He will seek a medical redshirt in order to utilize a fifth-year of eligibility and enroll as a graduate student. If he chooses to transfer to a non-Big Ten school, he will have immediate eligibility. If he chooses to transfer to a conference school he will need approval from the Big Ten of his intentions to transfer, however, he will have immediate eligibility, if and when granted.

• Ricky Doyle will transfer and have to sit out one season due to NCAA transfer rules. He will have two years of eligibility remaining. If he elects to transfer to a Big Ten program, he will have to sit out a season, as well as lose an additional year of eligibility pursuant to Big Ten intraconference transfer rules.

I am sure no one will applaud Beilein for changing his mind.

Clown show if you ask me. Pat Forde did a number on JB. Greenberg too.

Perception is reality with all of this unfortunately. Between this, Josh Jackson and the Levert saga I’m not sure where JB is getting his advice in handling the media.

I don’t think that there was any way to anticipate that this was going to blow up into some kind of national cause celebre. No coach would want a 4 year player to show up on an opponent’s roster. Beilein is not the first guy to put such conditions on a transfer, although Pat Forde made it seem that way.


These are also the same transfer releases that Beilein has been granting for years and it hasn’t really been an issue at all AFAIK.


Sorry guys, I don’t get it and I am feeling a little dumb. I thought commenters here established that the restrictions were always outside of JB’s control anyway.

The Big Ten rule would still have to be appealed. The other teams on the schedule thing is a Beilein-thing that he’s removing I guess.

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Ok. I am glad JB made that decision. Too bad JB had to get singled out and caught up in a debate but it seems like an important debate to have, I think.

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In the end he was just supporting a Big 10 rule. The conference should take the brunt of the heat on that stuff if you ask me. He was just supporting a dumb rule to begin with because that is what JB does, he follows any and all rules.


I agree completely the heat should be on the conference for such a dumb rule.

Unfortunately JB’s refusal to push back on any rule in the universe makes him an easy target.

If he takes this position initially and is vocal about it, he probably gets praised.

This is a non story except for a small niche within a niche.
I could ask 100 random people about this story and receive a collective shoulder shrug.
I am in the niche within the niche and this story raises my pulse none.
I don’t think any more or less of Coach Beilein because of this episode.


“It’s terrible Beilein these restrictions.”

*Beilein removes all restrictions."

“It’s terrible Beilein removed these restrictions because of the media.”

The MSU fans on the national board are running with the same talking points as mpbear14. I swear these guys get RCMB fan mail every morning.

Exactly. It’s a non story to everyone but people looking to troll for profit or for an agenda. The media will troll it for profit. Michigan State fans and people like mpbear14 will troll it for an agenda.

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Bury that head.

Mike and Mike are dog sht journalists and so is Pat Forde. Unfortunately, they are dog sht journalists with a following. Is this story national news worthy? Absolutely not. Screw these guys for getting on their soap box about something so trivial compared to what has gone on under Pitino’s watch and Roy’s watch. Both guys who have been on that show and stroked.

With that being said, this is just another overblown negative story added to other overblown negative stories surrounding Michigans program the last 2 years. As a Michigan fan, I don’t care about the transfer restrictions. I do care about the perception of the basketball program though, and IMO these little hiccups add fuel to the fire that our program is, at the very least, disorganized and at worst, headed in the wrong direction.

But I get rcmb fan mail

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Izzo supports the rule. Bo Ryan supported the rule. I’d bet almost every head coach does. And every one will back down if push comes to shove publicly.

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I agree that the optics aren’t good, but this will be a non-story starting tomorrow. It might get mentioned again when Spike decides on a destination, but it will soon be forgotten.

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Do you have a source for this? It could come in handy for me elsewhere. :smirk_cat:

The thing that really bothers me about the media backlash is the fact that Spike himself said that he was ok with the restrictions, and he hasn’t given any indication that he might want to go to a B10 school. This situation is wholly distinguishable from the Phil Martelli / St Joe’s fiasco from a few years ago where one of his bench warmers wanted to grad transfer to UAB. Martelli threw a fit and ultimately blocked him from ever playing at UAB.

My thing is it should never have come to this if Beilein didn’t come out publically and say the stuff that he did.

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