State orders department wide 14-day shutdown for Michigan Athletics

The gut punch is the fact that no one on our team is positive and we’re missing 2 weeks of games. For all we know we come back and can easily get exposed and have to shut down for 2 more weeks.

We’re the only team to be shut down with zero positives


New health director has a degree from MSU. Elizabeth Hertel named new Michigan health director, Gov. Whitmer announces


Can we play our games in Toledo??

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I wonder if the players can workout alone in the gym to stay in basketball shape?

At the very least, wouldn’t it make more sense to only postpone their next game, and then reassess?

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yeah 14 days seems pretty long if the variant is detectable in a rapid test

I don’t envy anybody working in health departments right now. No right and no wrong decisions (outside the clearly negligent) IMO. Either act out of caution and get criticized or act too late and people at risk.


a blanket 14 day pause for a program with no positives to date- with little crossover (if any) to other programs is mind boggling


We need to move the basketball team to Toledo for now


Yeah I am just stunned. Don’t know what to think or what comes next. Like many of us I have been stuck at home and the team has been a source of great joy for me. Hoping everything works out after these two weeks


“Until further notice and up to 14 days”

So maybe it can be changed/ended early?


If you’re from Michigan you know it’s going to be more than 14 days


Yeah, my next door neighbor works for them. He’s a big Michigan fan too.

the “and” makes me skeptical

Dylan, I think you just deleted a tweet about setting up shop in another state as a potential option. Is that still true even though you deleted it?

This athletic department has no spine

I wasn’t saying it was a potential option. It was a poorly phrased hypothetical.

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That’s just setting a max limit for the “until further notice” clause. Of course, I’m sure the health department can issue another order if they want it extended past 14

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The “unknown” in the statement about the variant is weird to me. Pretty sure there is very little unknown about it, it’s been examined extensively and we know how it differs from the Italian/Wuhan strains (and exactly why it’s more infectious).

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