Starting 5 in exhibition opener against Le Moyne?

With Irvin and Albrecht out, who do you expect to start? I’m assuming Spike is out.
The first four were easy for me. I’m really unsure on Chatman. I pick him almost by default. It’s either him or Robinson by my reckoning.
I’m looking forward to this game and plan on attending. It might be the only opportunity to see Mo Wagner this season.

Walton --> MAAR
LeVert —> MAAR
Dawkins —> Robinson
Wilson --> Dawkins --> Chatman --> MoWeezy
Doyle --> Wilson --> Donnal

Sure why not.

My guess (going with your presumption of no Spike):

(1) Walton
(2) LeVert
(3) Dawkins
(4) Robinson
(5) Doyle

Robinson is the only one that needs an explanation - given how much praise he has received for his shooting, I think Beilein will give him a lot of run in the Exhibition as it will be a nice transition to the D1 level (although LeMoyne may be D2?).

I think Spike will probably play. Maybe be limited a bit, but he’s been practicing, etc. so I wouldn’t think he would sit out entirely.

Looks like he sat out a lot of the open practice today, so maybe they will bring him along slowly though.

After watching the practice video ( is anyone going to argue with DJ Wilson as the answer to this question?

If Irvin doesn’t play, I think you’ll see Chatman slide in as the starter at one 3/4, with Robinson getting some significant minutes there too. I’d be surprised if we don’t see all 10 guys somewhere in there. The most interesting thing will be whether Beilein goes with a two big lineup at any point (e.g. Wilson/Doyle at the 4/5).

Looks like Syracuse throttled LeMoyne. Fully expecting a blowout on Friday.

I was so impressed last night with DJ. Wow! So my starting five, albeit based on a very limited sample, is DWalt, Caris, Aubrey, DJ, and Ricky, although, quite honestly, I expected more from Ricky. JB may start Kam, kinda by default, but I loved what I saw from DJ. Duncan will get his opportunities. The kid can shoot, has a bit of a handle and pretty good court vision. He even played some 2 last night, although just a little. I was also impressed with Mo Wagner! That kid is going to be special. Based on what I was reading I thought maybe he’d have to redshirt this year. Now…boy, oh boy, that kid is going to be special…B1G season, next year, not sure, but I like him! My biggest concern is at the 5 spot, so we’ll see. I also though MAAR looked very good. The kid is so quick, and if he can hit the shots he made last night I don’t know how you keep him out of the rotation. Hey, JB et al, good luck getting to an 8 man rotation by B1G season!

Derrick Walton
Caris LeVert
Aubrey Dawkins
DJ Wilson
Ricky Doyle

That’s a big, long versatile 2-4 lineup. Love it.

Walton Jr.

1)Walton/ Maar
2) Levert/ Maar
3) Dawkins/ Robinson/ Lonergan
4) DJ/ Chatman/ Robinson/ Wagner
5) Doyle/ DJ/ Donnal

My concern with playing DJ at the 4 is I don’t trust anyone else on this roster to spend big minutes backing up Ricky, unless DJ plays both positions and is getting 30 mpg or more.

I agree Reegs, I suspect Wilson will mostly play 5 this year (because he is needed there) but he looks more than capable at the 4. One thing that concerned me was Doyle and Wilson both looked exhausted in the practice. Not really sure if either are capable of playing 30 minutes per game at center because it seems like both need more time to improve the lower body strength that will be required.

Gtfo- I noticed Wilson getting a little tired at times, but nothing that really concerned me. But Ricky looked wasted and was sweating buckets. This concerned me.

Longer term, I see DJ and Mo sharing the 4. I think that’s what JB is thinking as there is some similarity in their games. But I’m not sure it’s going to happen this season.

While I was mostly pleased (actually very pleased) with DJ, I would note that he was wearing a knee brace. He might be fragile. Also, at times, he still looks a little clueless out there. I do expect DJ to get the start against LeMoyne.

Lol yeah, Ricky looked like he had just gotten out of the pool. That’s probably just a thing with him though. Some people sweat more than others. Dude is just a sweaty guy.

Albrecht (Most likely will be limited)/Dakich

Albrecht (Most likely will be limited)/Dakich Walton/MAAR LeVert/Robinson Dawkins/Wilson/Chatman/Wagner Doyle/Donnal
I'm sure Dakich is a great kid and teammate, but in no way, shape, or form should he be getting minutes when the coaches have to piece together the puzzle that is this team.





This is my guess for the order of minutes per game averages at end of year.

I think we see around 25-30 from both levert and Walton as they need to get back used to game action but at the same time we know what they can do.
If DJ And Wagner practice at the 4 I expect them to play the 4 at least to start the season.
I think we will see less out of spike then the past two years if Maar can be consistent on offense. Why play two point guards when you have a capable combo who is one of the best defenders.
Getting to a nine man rotation is going to be hard. Odd men out right now is Chatman. I expect Donnal to be pushed for minutes at the 5 once it’s settled who is playing the 4. Even though Robinson can shoot I’m not as high on him as everyone else is as many of our guys are capable of shooting over 40% from 3