Spain Rewind: Isaiah Livers

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Beilein seemed to be high on this guy from the get-go. I have yet to see it. Maybe this year. If not, he is likely to get passed by one of the freshmen.

He’s got the outside shooting touch, but he needs more confidence and aggressiveness on offense. It may be a fight at the 4 between him and Brazdeikis. If I had to guess, I’d say he starts the season as the starter, with Iggy first guy off the bench, but that Iggy is too much of a contributor not to eventually end up starting. Whether Johns will take minutes at the 4 in the regular rotation this season is still up in the air.

FWIW, Livers could end up playing some 5 and Austin could end playing some 4. Lots of moving parts here. But I don’t think Johns will play much 5, just because he’s still learning the schemes.

Austin will not play any four. He has mobility concerns as a 5, not to mention a 4.


Free membership if he does?

Lol. Austin Davis playing the 4? Yes, Austin Davis is going to play a wing position in Michigan’s offense. That has to be the funniest theory or prediction I have ever seen.

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Sure. I’m just curious what you think about Austin Davis that makes him a four at Michigan? The three and four are wing positions and Davis is not a wing.

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“Beilein seems high on this guy (Livers)”

He’s very smart–that’s one reason.

I agree, Livers is a player that JB will have confidence in to play solid defense and play within himself on offense. He is only a sophomore and should take a leap this year and next. He is not going to be the hunter that hunts shots. Not his “MO” he will do a little bit of everything.

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Duly noted. I never said that Davis was a four, I said he might play some 4. His stroke has always looked OK to me,so maybe he starts to make some outside shots for us. And if the other team is playing a slower, big guy at the 4, sure, why not?

Of course, I’m not even that sure Davis will play more than 5-10 minutes a game. I see him every year in the open scrimmage and he looks great. Then, the regular season comes along and he faceplants. Spain was encouraging, but we have to wait and see if his advancement carries over.

And yet a much more mobile guy who is also a (presumably) much better shooter didn’t play a single minute at the 4 over the past two seasons with Wagner.


I will be BEYOND shook if Austin Davis plays any four this year (or I guess at any point in his college career). I reckon he’ll be in the back-up five that’s a Beilein staple (i.e., Teske last year, Donnal before that, etc.)

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I don’t see Davis playing together with Teske. There is many reasons not playing them together and I cannot find a single reason to do so except we are down to only 5 players including Teske and Davis.


I will buy 100 subscriptions if Davis plays a second at the 4 at any point in the rest of his basketball career

Well if he does, you can buy a subscription for me. Year two, after Dylan gives me a comp for year one.


FWIW, I am pretty sure that JB was asked in a press conference at the beginning of last season if he had considered using a “twin tower” lineup, meaning Teske or Davis on the floor with Mo. He didn’t laugh at the question, he said it was something that might be considered down the line. Then it became a moot point as Davis pretty much s*cked when the season started. But it Teske and Davis both play well, then you might start to look at ways to get Davis on the floor. All of this is pure speculation. First, Davis needs to start contributing when it counts.

He would never laugh off a reporter if they asked a basketball question. As someone mentioned, if he wouldn’t even put Mo at the 4 then Davis will never.

So you’re going to pay for my subscription if Davis gets in at the 4, right? You said you would buy a 100 subscriptions, so I assume there would be one available for me.

JB responded in a generally positive way to the question, that’s the important part. Lots of things happen in the course of a season.

I don’t want to speak for anyone but me, but your silly argument, and constant begging for $5 a month or whatever it is, has played out. Please move on.