Spain Rewind: Isaiah Livers

I’d be careful. If Davis does a grad transfer, it wouldn’t be impossible. We just know that Beilein won’t play him at the 4.

If I were Isaiah Livers, I’d be a little honked at Austin Davis for hijacking my thread.


My claim was not supposed to be taken as a legitimate offer. But sure since you are so insistent I will pay the 2nd year if he plays the 4 at Michigan


I’ll pay the third year. So you’re covered during the duration of his career.

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Personally I think Austin Davis has more potential at the 2 guard. His pick and roll ball handler potential is through the roof


@kturnup and @adamsmit86, I liked both of your posts. Happy to move on to another subject.

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IMO, Livers holds the key to the success of the coming season. Among all returning players, he is the one that has the most upward potential. Livers is versatile, smart and understands the system. Most problems of our offense can be mitigated if Livers can be assertive on the offensive end and be a consistent threat from the deep. I like to see him coming off the bench to spark the offense. We can either play Livers as a small-ball five or have Poole-Iggy-Matthews-Livers as 1-4 depending on the match-up.


Regardless of how he does offensively, I think Livers will have a decent role for Michigan simply because he is one of the top, most versatile defenders Michigan has. And since Michigan is now a defensive based team, having more guys who can defend is the most important trait. Not to mention he is one of the top 3 point shooters as well and that’s with his flaws offensively not changing from last year. If Livers can attack closeouts this year and just look to score a little more this season, I think he should have a quietly impressive year and could be very efficient since he will likely almost never be a top 2 option for opposing defenses to focus on stopping.


I can’t believe that you actually seem serious about this.