Spain Rewind: Ignas Brazdeikis


Are you guys enjoying these videos? I know we posted the footage of the games earlier, but I think it can be useful to run back a full clip of each player.


Yes, this type of stuff is exactly what I think of when looking at what kind of offseason content I’d enjoy most. Maybe towards the end you could group the guys without enough video/talking points for a dedicated post into a “the other guys” one.

Yes, outstanding content. I watched the clips and read the captions, then read the write ups. I then went back and watched the clips again. Great stuff. The clips help us to see the points you are making in the write ups. I think the write ups are pretty spot on. Thanks!

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  1. great off season content.
  2. How iz [sic] this downhill to the basket stuff going to play out against top-tier Big 10 teams that have multiple quality bigs?

This is tangential to the Charles and Iggy breakdowns, but I think Eli is going to play a lot more than people anticipate. He didn’t shoot the ball well from three (or inside the arc) last season, but Michigan is dire need of players who can space the floor. If Europe was any indication, Nunez and DDJ likely won’t be ready. I think we can all agree that even if X made improvements to his jumper, he is not a natural “shooter” and can’t be counted on to hit consistently from deep. Brooks at least fits that mold, has repeatable form, and shot the ball very well in high school. That arguably leaves only Poole and him as the primary “floor spacing” options for positions 1-3. Even though Charles and Iggy ~can~ hit an open shot, their role will likely be with the ball in their hands – attacking the rim and making plays. Neither’s strength is their perimeter shooting.

I, and Dylan, have already expressed very real concerns with the volume and accuracy of three point shooting this season. I envision teams really starting to pack the paint in lineups with X, Charles, and a natural 5, and I would be even more concerned if Iggy was also in the game. I think Eli can provide some relief off the ball at the 2 and can space the floor at the point, as well. Iggy, Jordan, and Charles are going to need space to work in the ball screen game, attacking the basket.


These videos are good (Picture worth a thousand words so to speak). Also great article. IMO Iggy will be one of the quicker developers.

My big concern with this class is that Eli Brooks is indeed our top guard option off the bench. I do think that down the road that DD will be a great player at Michigan. I’m excited for his future, but he may not be ready this year.

I watched some of the Spain games on film, and although Brooks produced, I just don’t think he’s a quality option long term. He just doesn’t look the part or have a “it” factor to me. Not sure why, but his game just doesn’t make me feel overly optimistic. His game style to me seems unorthodox and old school. I’m starting to think Michigan will need a guard heavy 2020 class with a emphasis on shooting. I do like what Michigan has in the wings/Forward spots with Iggy, Johns and Livers for the next couple of years though.


Agree 100%. One big concern / takeaway from Spain for me is that I feel so good about the wings on this roster both now and going forward but I feel so uncertain about point guard and center. I’m also a little worried that both the 2019 commits are wings and we seem to be out completely on bigs and point guards after Carton went elsewhere.

Poole, Iggy, Livers, Johns, Wilson, Bajema, Nunez is a damn good, versatile set of guys at the 2-4…but I’m still very skeptical of the depth at the 1 and 5. IMO we have the wings to win a national title in the next 3 years but unless we hit on an elite PG that can grow into a Morris/Burke caliber offensive playmaker or a C close in versatility to a Wagner or McGary, those two positions could be what holds the team back.


With better outside shooting, I think we’d be fine with Simpson or Brooks running point for the next two years. Livers, Poole, and Brooks look like the most fluid shooters, but I’m not sold on anyone on the roster being an efficient three point shooter. It’s going to be interesting to see how this offense shapes out. Maybe we will see a new look from the prototypical Beilein team where 40% of shots are from deep. Or maybe Brooks will get 20+ minutes and 5 3PAs per game.

I think what @buckets12 was implying by his concerns at 1 & 5 is the backups, not the starters. That is my concern. Maybe he doesn’t believe Simpson can run it but I do. He just did it this past season. Brooks to me just doesn’t feel like a quality backup guard. Same with Davis. I really like Zavier at PG I don’t think there are many complaints there. And Teske provides great interior defense, but backing those guys up is the big concern. Hopefully next season DD will be more than ready to play significant minutes at the 1, and hopefully Johns/Davis or Castleton maybe can provide really good minutes at the 5. We all hope Castleton will be the guy but it’s too early to tell. I’m optimistic but we know nothing really about him and if he’s ready yet.

Yeah just overall talent and depth at the two positions is my viewpoint. I agree it’s possible that Z can be a starting PG on a title team (clearly) but maybe not one that needs shot creation from that position like this year’s team will. I share your concerns on Brooks and Davis - although it does appear both have made significant strides, I just have my doubts that they will ever be serious contributors on a good team. Castleton could definitely fit the versatile Center mold. Maybe him and DeJulius are the answers to my depth concerns at those positions long-term, I guess I just find it surprising how wing-heavy the recruiting has become in comparison with the positional needs I see in our roster.


I agree, Simpson is the man. I’m just saying that if we don’t have solid shooting from our wings, you really want to have a PG that can hit a 3s. Maybe Brooks can do that better, maybe not? Mo, Ham, and Duncan shot 14s a game at 38% last year. We’re gonna miss them badly! Plenty of time, though. I’m just hoping the guys are getting up hella shots, and by the time season starts, we’ll be splashing treys from everywhere!

Bajema is a combo guard, not a wing.

I’m guessing he will play the 2 primarily and could also play the 3 at Michigan. Similar to Poole. And Iggy. And Nunez. Wilson could also play both. My point is we are deep at those spots (barring attrition) for the next 2-3 years. Much deeper than PG and C (unless you count Livers/Johns as legitimate C options, then I guess you could argue we are pretty deep there too).

Great content. Really impressed by Iggy’s game. I worried about how it would translate at the college level, but he showed that it can against high-level competition. I will say he’s not getting half of the whistles he got on those drives in college. So as the video mentions, he’ll have to learn to pick his spots to drive better. That’ll come for sure though. Excited to see his progress throughout the season - and the next (hopefully!).

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You don’t think DD will be an option this year? I don’t see why his floor would be any lower than Brooks last year. Granted that won’t be enough to beat out sophomore Brooks, but with that as a floor I could see him sliding into the backup role by Big Ten play. Just basing this on his recruiting profile and highlights, so obviously it’s just a guess at this point.

Even smaller and presumably quicker guards have difficulty staying in front of Brazdeikis when he drives from the perimeter. I think that will remain a constant during his college career. The combination of ballhandling, size/strength, and craftiness will allow him to get into the paint when he wants to.

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Well he barely played in Spain, that’s a decent early indicator that they likely don’t have huge expectations for him this year. I think it’s definitely possible things could change come BIG play, but to start the season I’m guessing the lineup will be




Not too worried about Iggy’s defense when we just saw Duncan Robinson’s transformation over the last three years. Iggy has more size and strength than Duncan with a bit more athleticism to boot so as long as he gets coached up he’ll become a solid team defender.