Seth Towns - Had Quite the Weekend

I sound like a broken record, but this guy has to be the most underrated recruit in the country. He’s flying under the radar so much, some sites don’t even have him ranked. No doubt in my mind he is a top 100 recruit within 1 year on every site. There was even word of Towns having a quadruple double this weekend:

This dude just had the greatest dunk of all-time! And Seth Towns has at least a quadruple double! @NDkendrick @Corey_Albertson

— TJ Kelley (@scoopIPS) July 19, 2014

Final: Nova Village 62, VCC 60. Seth Towns: 25pts, 6reb, 3blk Tarik Wright: 16pts, 5reb, 2ast Jason Carter: 9pts, 6reb Erron James: 12pts

— Zach Fleer (@ZachFleerLGHL) July 20, 2014

More evidence that JB and staff know more than the folks doing the player rankings do.

His film looks better as time goes on. Also dig the song FWIW.

Yeah, the amount of shake he has off the dribble is sick.

Big fan of this kid. He hasn’t come close to his potential and is still growing.

He is a 2/3 not a 3/4 imo and I want him to commit as badly anyone in the class

He is a 2/3 not a 3/4 imo and I want him to commit as badly anyone in the class

I want him to commit before he gets on anyone else’s radar too much, especially OSU.

Am I misremembering, or is he a big OSU fan?

If OSU wants him, they get him.

Still not impressed. Hoping OSU offers.

Of course. Your heels are dug deep in the dirt by now. Fight the good fight.

I simply don’t see it. Slow, not athletic, low release, zero inside game, not a great shooter. What position does he play? Not 4. Would get pushed around. 3? Not athletic enough.
Who would he guard? 4 and 5’s too powerful. 3s too athletic and quick.

If he was coming in next year, you’d have a point. Lucky for him he’s got 2 full years. He’s another early identified gem for JB.

For all the gems the staff has found, sometimes it’s forgotten not ALL the recruits have panned out…
Of course I hope I’m wrong because there is serious mutual interest and seems like would be a terrific student athlete. Time will tell.

I know Dylan and some others have claimed his handle is loose - I don’t see it on film, I actually think his handle is a strength if anything. He also has the footwork/change of direction to go with it. Very rare that players have both. Nik had a great handle but his limitations in terms of footwork impaired him slightly.

Sure, the release point is low, but he has a quick release and no wind up/swing shot(Irvin).

I can really see Towns being able to run PnR effectively with the height to get off a quality shot against a big that shows and the ability to see over the top for a setup as well.

Not the greatest athlete, but not Smot either.

If I’m being honest, I like Towns’ film a lot more than Ivin’s at the same stage of development. I remember watching Irvin for the first time as a sophomore as we were going hard alter Harris and he was strictly a catch and shoot player at that point, he had nowhere near the handle that Towns.

Towns is the best player nobody has heard of. Can play the 2/3 and possibly the 4 if he puts on 20 lbs of good weight. Put the full court press on ASAP, only a matter of time before a plethora of high majors come with offers.

Agree, but outside of Brundidge, I can’t think of another early offeree that hasn’t panned out.

His release point can be raised and his foot speed has gotten better and better.

I still think Towns eventually projects to the four. He’ll add size (muscle and height) over the next two years. I wouldn’t say he has a loose handle, but he doesn’t have the handle where he can play like an out and out wing guard quite yet. But his skillset, with a frame that could eventually project to the four is a really nice package.

I read Marc Loving as a comparison for Towns.