Scholarship Situation

So we all know we are currently over scholarships for next season. If one of the guys go pro, obviously that situation would resolve itself. The most likely players to go are Mo & maybe Matthews (depending on how season finishes).

But in a situation where both of these guys decide to come back, what happens with the scholarships? I know someone may transfer (I could see Ibi wanting to leave, for example) or whatever but let’s say everyone is wanting to come back? Do we pull a scholarship from one of the commits (but what if they have signed)?

And I know we will say “it all works out in the end.” But I’m just wondering what happens in this scenario when it doesn’t (and not specifically talking about Michigan but in general).


Someone will go pro or transfer (or both, or multiples of one or the other). This happens every year.

Not a lot of use speculating about it in January though.


Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I understand it will work out, as I stated I even mentioned names of who may go pro, transfer. My question was in the situations it doesn’t, how do universities deal with this?


Someone transfers or goes pro :slight_smile:

Someone is forced into transfer?

Now you got it.

Is it technically possible for an incoming freshman to take a prep school year, even with a signed LOI? I would think that it is if both sides are agreeable.

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We need all of our current commits next season.


It’s certianly possible but a kid like Nunez couldn’t do it based off of his already doing a prep year this year.

At certain schools, the coaches will “place” a kid at a certain prep school to make sure he comes back and signs the following year. Beilein isn’t one of those guys but it’s been done plenty over the years.

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Doug McDermott gave up his scholarship I think. Not sure if it was due to numbers. Of course his dad was employed by the school so I think he got free tuition.

Coaches’ son are usually in an “on and off” situation when it comes to scholarships. Pat Beilein was in a similar situation at WVU.

UNC is in a similar situation right now. They are waiting to see if anyone goes pro or transfers but they have oversigned.

Wait what? 12 on scholarship this season plus a one year “we have an extra so whatever” scholly given to a walk-on, Pinson and Berry leaving, 3 guys coming in.

You are right. If Zion committed, things would’ve needed to change.

Every scholarship player is seeing actual minutes in the tournament, and Wagner is in the same situation as last year of likely second round pick.

Ibi Watson could still transfer, but clearly Beilein is giving him opportunities and he could beat out the freshman to be a #2 option next year behind Poole. I doubt Beilein would try and force his ideal 5 to the NBA. So whats going to give?

I still think Moe comes back, so it is either Davis or Watson or both moving on.

I’m still at 50% one of Wagner or Matthews leaves, 50% someone transfers. Matthews has been INCREDIBLE this tournament. Not saying it would be a smart move, but he could explode in the final four and jump.


I think if someone leaves that it’s Brooks but really would hate to see any scholarship player on this team leave

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I can see the following happening, percentages are mutually exclusive:

  1. Moe goes to NBA (75%)
  2. Matthews goes to NBA (50%)
  3. Brooks transfers (40%)
  4. Watson transfers (25%)
  5. Davis transfers (15%), 60% if Wagner comes back
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This is similar to what I see. Some sort of a Wagner/ Davis deal, where one of them leaves. I don’t see Matthews going to the NBA unless he drops 30+ in the championship game (if we make it that far), and at this point Brooks has more reason to transfer than Watson (but stranger things have happened with transfers in the Beilein era).

FWIW, JB just said “I can’t wait to work with Charles the rest of the week, the offseason and then again next year”

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Yeah, I don’t see Charles leaving. He’s in a spot like Caris was in 2014

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