Same old story, frustrating finish

He’s not even close to an offensive guro.

Every system needs talent. The offensive system is just fine with good talent.

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Yes. Not good

How about a coach that adapts to his personnel? We are running an offense like we have Trey Burke Mitch McGary and gr3 out there.

Still can’t inbound the ball.

No accountability on either side.

JB’s so far past his prime it’s not even funny

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So far past his prime? Is 2 years “so far?”

The program is obviously not in a good spot, but some of these barely literate posters that celebrate the losses are ridiculous.

He recruited all these guys ,Guys like Walton, Donnal Irvin Chatman and Doyal were Priorities day 1 offers.

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The roster has been mismanaged and evaluations on kids have been piss poor. I don’t know how anyone can argue against that.


The sad part is say we do get rid of JB which I think should happen if the miss the tourney this year and next year only, I’m afraid of our options on who to hire. I wish there was a basketball version of Harbaugh we could get but there isn’t.

For what it’s worth I still like Walton

“Barely literate.” Nice ad hominem. But I don’t know any Michigan fans who celebrate losses. Nobody enjoys watching sad spectacles like tonight’s game. At least a 2-star PG with offers from Longwood and Liberty is visiting campus, so things are finally looking up.


There is always an option if you are willing to open up the bank account to get a coach.

JB is getting paid pretty darn good right now after his extension.


Yea I’m not done with him yet. But if we miss this year and next year I’d have a hard time justifying keeping him. I still like the guy I just wish he’d change some things.

That shit was hard to watch

It was hard to watch both ways. Iowa was not good at all.

Yea they could land a big name imo. But I’m still with beilein for now

I like Walton to toughest guy on the team . He and Rahkman .

Those two are my favorites as well.

Don’t get celebrating confused with frustration. Why can’t this team play any defense?

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I understand why. My big thing is Chris Mack is just sitting there. He is an absolute perfect fit for Michigan!

Former Sean Miller assistant. Would install toughness and great pack line defense and has major in roads in the State already.

Why can Dawkins, Irvin and chatman play basketball like men?