Same old story, frustrating finish

So frustrating to watch this team. I hate to say this, but if this team fails to make the tournament Belein should be on the hot seat. Missing the tournament two straight years in a row should not be acceptable to anyone associated with the program. Enough of the excuses about Levert and Spike. Wisconsin loses Kaminsky and Dekker and look where they are. Duke loses O’Kafor, Winslow, and Jones and they will still make the tournament this year despite playing 6 guys! The overall talent level is just not there and the toughness has been missing for who knows how long. Need to beat Iowa and win one in BI0 tourney to feel comfortable.


Something key you did not say. Wisconsin loses Dekker and Kaminsky and adds one significant player (Ethan Happ) and are ok. Duke loses Tyus Jones, Quinn Cook, Justise Winslow, Jahlil Okafor, and Amile Jefferson to injury and adds only one or two true difference makers and are ok. Very well said bud!

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That’s all it takes. 2017’s class is crucial.

I’d be down to fire coach b only if we miss again this year and then either miss next year or go finish with a bAd seed/ early round knockout. Which is not happening. At the very least we will have a solid year next year in term of seed wise. Also I think we will slip in the tourney this year. Not sure how but one way or another I think we are gonna get in.

I think we may put together a few tourney wins. Beat pen st then upset Indiana.

Disappointing game, that’s for sure. But look on the bright side – by waving the white flag against every decent team they play down the stretch, Michigan will likely get another shot at Indiana in the BTT. Maybe they’ll win that one.

We can beat the Hoosiers if we beT pen st. Actually I’ll say when we beat penn st. There’s no doubt in my mind we will sweep penn st. It’s clear who we are. We beat the teams we should and lose to the ones we should. Following our trend I picture a loss to Iowa than beat penn st/ then the whole season on the line versus Hoosiers.

1st step is shaking up the coaching staff. Long way to go before pushing JB out but assistants? I could see something happening this offseason IF we miss the tournament.

Are you confident for that class I’m not!

Another disappointing thing last night was the lack of hustle on 50-50 balls and broken Wisconsin plays. For me the lowlight of the game was when Koenig heaved the ball to avoid a backcourt violation and rather than turning into a steal and points for Michigan, it ended up as an easy Wisconsin bucket.

I swear there were like 4 or 5 plays where the ball was loose, they get it and got easy points. Pretty frustrating.

Anyone else frustrated by the results of Walton attacking the rim (fast break layup miss not included in this conversation)?

What I mean is, he absolutely has the right mindset of attacking the other teams bigs and trying to draw fouls…the problem is he’s not getting those calls, and then he stops doing it and starts his off-balance pull up shots.

My question is, does he deserve these calls? With my homer goggles on, I feel like he doesn’t get whistles that a lot of guys get…but maybe he just isn’t drawing the contact he expects and finds himself instead just getting rejected or throwing up wild attempts, etc.

I’d love someone else’s take on this, because I feel 3-4 times a game he does everything right as he leaves his feet…but then no whistle, he’s on the floor on the baseline, and the other team is going the other way down the court.

I don’t think he draws contact the same way, say, MAAR (or Burke) does/did. And it sometimes seems like certain refs assess fouls based on style points, i.e. less likely to reward a wild circus shot even if there is contact. That said, I did think that he got robbed a couple times by Wisconsin homer refs who didn’t seem to realize that Bo Ryan isn’t around to intimidate them anymore. Felt the same way about the offensive foul call late in the Maryland game (although I know a lot of people thought that was a legit call).

I’ve never watched a team that makes offense look so hard and defense even harder. This Iowa game is huge and watching this for me is making me insane! They have no grit whatsoever.

Very frustrating

Can we please quit hear about how our coach is an offensive guru.

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Don’t understand the 1-3-1 is working AMAZING getting tons of turnovers everything and what do they do switch out of it and give up 5 straight points. That game was way too important for that to happen. I wish people saw the tantrums that I threw because this team blew it and now are putting even more pressure on themselves.

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Also I’d like to point out that Kam Chatman has found a rythem and plays better D then Duncan. WHY IS DUNCAN IN THE GAME. He is terrible on D and is only big on offense when shooting well and he isn’t right now. He did a nice job using the ball fake and taking it to the hoop to only get blocked every time. (I apologize for my venting and way too frequent posting)

Keep going! You are slowly turning to the dark side!

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Can’t tell if I’m joining the dark side or just straight up losing my mind. I love this team too much to not watch but they are giving me grey hairs and I’m way too young for that lol.

Hahaha!! Listen we all get it. Even guys like myself and my brother are diehard fans that’s why we can’t stand what we are seeing. We just are very vocal about it and like to argue