Roster addition?

I doubt he was a top 5 player in the state when his only offer was D2. I tried to look up his recruiting profile and couldn’t find anything.

I also doubt Ant would be breaking this news over the plethora of football insiders. Lastly, you don’t refer to a state that you don’t live in as “the state”.

There’s no way it’s Ronnie Bell.

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You’re right. I read it more ambiguously, but on reflection see that it likely does mean Michigan. Curious that Wright is excited about it, though, when Wade elicits no excitement at all. If they’re friends that probably explains it.

Was Wade top 5 in MI?

Ant is and has been a big fan of Wade.

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My bad on Missouri State as D2. It’s a D1 program, albeit not a great one.

I don’t interpret “in the state” as meaning Michigan. We’ll find out :slight_smile:

Sai Tummala played for ASU and then was a valuable sixth man for Hawaii when they won a game in the NCAA tournament.

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Yeah he’s another one, I find it hard to believe any team has had the run of walk-ons um has.

If it’s Wade, I’m disappointed in Ant.

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Wade isn’t gonna change the way Juwan recruits 2020 :joy::joy:


In the state means the home state, no other interpretation makes sense. Somebody from Michigan won’t refer to somebody from Arizona as being “in the state.”


It has to be Wade and that’s annoying that Ant hyped it up but if that’s his guy then it makes sense

Do people really think someone like ant wright would have kyree walker info before guys like sam Webb and Evan Daniels? Its clearly someone ant wright has a relationship with and thats Brandon Wade.


Missouri State isn’t D2 in basketball. It’s a D1 program in the Missouri Valley Conference

Edit: Never mind, this has already been pointed out. My bad!

Ant has a nice following and Wade is his guy, so Ant is probably just using his platform to help try and build some hype for a guy he knows (so that, assuming Wade joins the team, he will do so with a little momentum or something).

There will be more backlash and disappointment in the way he framed it then any hype…

Okay Cole!!!

I completely agree. Just saying though, that’s probably what’s going on here.

Further comment from Ant:

Clarifies that it’s a Michigan kid. Sure seems like Wade, pretty hard to get excited about this one.

99% sure it’s Wade. Been rumored for a while.

And if folks got there hopes up for something more, that ain’t on Ant. You don’t get studs this way.

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Except that Ronnie Bell should be focusing on the bowl game right now …