Roster addition?

So…what’s this about

??? The wade kid?

That’d be my guess, ant wright has a relationship with him

Who is the “wade kid”?

Is Wade worth a scholarship here?

Brandon Wade

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Brandon Wade, from Ann Arbor skyline. Played at Duquesne last year. I’m assuming he’d be a walkon

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He shot 19% from the field last year as a freshman at Duquesne. With the way Juwan’s recruiting, I’d have to imagine this would be a walk-on

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No, Wade isn’t a scholarship player here, but Ronnie Bell was top player in Missouri and would only have to go through a physical.

I’d assume Wade would have to go through more of a process

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I played Ronnie Bell in IM basketball and I’m not sure he would be worth getting that excited about haha. Not sure who else it could really be


Brandon Wade as a walk-on makes a lot of sense here given the circumstances. Will have to do some digging though.

Football -> basketball doesn’t generally work out very well. Not sure that would really make sense. And it isn’t like Ronnie Bell isn’t an important piece of the football team.

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So who is Ant Wright talking about? If it’s Ronnie Bell can he play this season? I know I’m in the wrong lane, but since we’re all gathered here. . .

What’s the current status of Kyree Walker? Could this possibly be about him?

BTW if it is Brandon Wade, um has had quite a few talented walk-ons in the last 10 years or so. Eso akunne, Jaron faulds, dumars son, bartlestein, Brent hibbits were all kids with d1 offers. Obviously none of them turned into major contributors but that’s quite the run of walk-ons.


Sounds like Ronnie Bell to me. Harbaugh can’t be too happy. This would mean Bell misses Alabama, presumably.

Ronnie Bell wasn’t a top 5 player from the state of Michigan so it’s clearly not him.


Doesn’t say Michigan. Says “in his state” FWIW.

It says “top 5 player in the state.”


Ronnie Bell is from Missouri, WTF. He had a D2 scholarship to Missouri State, then changed his mind and went with football.

I’m well aware, and since he’s not from the state, it’s not him.