Revisiting 2020-21 over/under predictions


Dude, what are you doing working on your vacation??!! I get that most people do a little work while on vacation, but it is like you aren’t gone at all! Rest up and enjoy the beach. This will be here when you get back. (Thank you for the new content, though)

Pretty sure he had this programmed to post while he was out. :slight_smile:


What are the qualifications for NBA players in that last O/U prop? Feels like Dickinson is going to get a shot in the league at some point but even without that I expect we’d see Livers and/or Brown get a cup of coffee at worst. Does that count? Does it have to be drafted or with a guaranteed contract?

I probably should have thought of that. :slightly_smiling_face: I figured it was written ahead of time, but still required Dylan to manually post it to the site.

I would say, gets drafted or plays a full season on a full NBA contract (non two-way) as a qualifier. And I guess you could maybe expand this to anyone who plays in an NBA game if you wanted to.

This is basically asking: does Derrick Walton count as an NBA player?

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42 career games and his deal with the Clippers was not a two way. I’d call him an nba player

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Technically the prop says 2.5 “pros” on the current roster and doesn’t specify NBA vs G-league vs Foreign. Easy over that fooled Dylan.


When do these predictions get posted? Right before the season starts?


Ugghhh. That Franz shooting game against UCLA is still killing us softly.