Report: UNC transfer Seventh Woods considering Michigan


This is a real head scratcher to me, he was awful at unc

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If they get Wilson and Pierce and we get Woods I will hate UNC forever


Well, for one, we may be in a “just need bodies” state, but also…Frank Martin and Mark Few are also interested, and I would trust their judgment.

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But Michigan needs bodies for this upcoming season.

I guess the intriguing part is the willingness to walk on. Otherwise not sure how taking a non grad transfer for 1 year makes much sense.

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This makes no sense. If he was a grad transfer, maybe you could make a case just needing bodies but to sit one and play is kind pointless use of a scholarship. I would much rather have a player in the 2020 class who presumably is a much better player.


With how much we lose after this year, I think it makes perfect sense if the sit 1 transfer is good. Woods not so much though.

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Yeah I left that part out. Just doesn’t seem to be a very good player at this point.

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Ah, that’s what I missed. I definitely assumed he was a grad transfer.

Sit one, play one is odd indeed. Maybe he’d walk on and not use a scholarship, as the article indicates he may do.


As a grad transfer or waiver guy, it would make a lot more sense (unlikely that Michigan uses all 13 scholarships). Overall though, an interesting prospect to emerge as the first guy to really hear from Juwan.


Agree, a guy like Derryck Thornton who is immediately eligible would be make more sense.

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Maybe Juwan was an avid YouTube user in 2014-2015?


Uh, he is a terrible basketball player. Hard pass.


Turnover rate is insanely high

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Uh if he’s a walk on or immediately eligible, sure. But he’d have to sit out a year and only play one? Odd.


Yeah, he had some awesome youtube videos, but that didn’t translate into being a baller at UNC. The few games I watched, he definitely did not impress


Can he play immediately as a walk-on?


Walking on has no impact on his eligibility. If he were to walk on at Michigan, it would be a no-lose situation though because he wouldn’t take up a scholarship.

He can play right away if he graduates (no sign of that) or he has a waiver (no sign of reason for that).

I suppose he could walk-on at Michigan, use an extra scholarship “as a walk on” this year – I believe PWO scholarships don’t cover as much or have a stipend – and then be off scholarship the following year. If Michigan brings him in directly on scholarship, I don’t think it could take him off.

I assume the walk on option is being considered at USC because it is the home state school so it would be in-state tuition and they are apparently short on full rides.


Twice I turned on UNC games this past season and within minutes saw him get hit with a flagrant-1 for doing something stupid and unnecessary. Believe one was the Zion shoe game.

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