Report: Michigan hiring Phil Martelli as assistant coach


In the words of BQ, Philly buckets!


Woah, this came out of nowhere!!


Sarcasm? We’ve been talking about it since last week.

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Looks like our long and tireless search for a staff is over


Yeah, sorry. The comment sounded funnier in my head.


I can’t think of a better hire for a rookie coach than a guy who’s been a HC 20+ years and had a lot of success. This is big. And then we add a second coach with pro experience. I like it.

So 3 weeks after Beilein’s surprise departure, our new basketball staff will be in place. That’s not too bad a turnaround, really.


Fantastic! I definitely like the staff a lot

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Really solid hire. Martelli can “coach the coach” in his new role and take some pride in watching Howard grow as his (likely) final career move.

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I think he’ll be gone after this season, or maybe the next, for a new HC gig. If his post firing interviews were anything to go by.


Very interested in hearing more about Eisley, Juwan must think very highly of him considering he was the first name we heard. Been a NBA assistant for awhile but hard to find info on his coaching career. Hoping he has some unknown connections throughout the country as he is obviously unknown as a recruiter.

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I’ve heard rumors he’s supposed to be good friends with William Wesley aka WorldWideWes. If true and WWW wants to help his friend out, Michigan could benefit in a big way for landing elite talent as long as Eisley is at UM.


I wouldn’t go anywhere near World Wide Wes for recruits. That is beyond asking for trouble.


World Wide Wes… I’ll just leave this here.


I remember hearing WWW was actually around a bit when Beilein was coach.

Think there was even mention of him being loosely involved when Hackett was negotiating the Nike contract.

I know there seems to be a negative connotation with him (despite the fact that no one really knows what he is doing that is bad.)

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They don’t necessarily have to ask for his help. I mentioned in a different thread that sometimes agents and other people will do things behind coaches backs despite coaches not wanting help. WWW may help regardless. Nobody in sports has the power to stop that guy if he wants something or to help someone. And it’s just a rumor. I have no idea if Eisley or Howard are close with WWW.


As always thanks for info, obviously he is the only guy on staff who has known Juwan but hoping there is some pre existing connections to the AAU circuit or something


FWIW, according to Wikipedia, Eisley has already been hired:


Wow breaking news

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